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Since the early days of the video game industry, one of the favorite themes has been shooters. The whole dynamic of completing a mission, shooting enemies, and having multiple weapons at your disposal has created a multitude of fans from all generations.

The development of animation, sound, and effects resources has increased the taste for this theme, and now it adds excellent stories and a dynamic worthy of the best action movies.

Here we are going to show you only the best of this genre, classic and new titles with their most recent versions.

Call of Duty – Modern Warfare


The Call of Duty saga is a classic name in this genre and the 2019 reboot of Modern Warfare has kept the story in the fans’ taste.

In this new installment, the number of new players skyrocketed with the addition of Warzone in 2020. This is a free-to-play game associated with Modern Warfare, which features a novel Battle Royale in conjunction with other features of this new release. Both titles delight gamers.

Modern Warfare offers the basic elements you look for in any prestigious shooter. Among them, we can highlight an excellent single-player weapon handling experience, a solid online mode experience, 24/7 available game lounges, and a freely available version of Call of Duty Warzone.



It’s been several, years but Fortnite has remained one of the most popular games since its release in 2017. Its success is mostly due to the development of the best content in recent years. Its 3 game modes have won it fans of all kinds.

Perhaps the best known is Battle Royale. This is a fighting scene where the last man standing wins. Here dozens of players face-off, in solo mode or in teams, fighting to survive in the great diversity of events and missions.

In Save the World mode, we gather resources with other players in cooperative mode, in order to defend bases and repel attacks from waves of enemies.

In the Creative Mode, you have the opportunity to create different scenarios and enjoy them without the stress of a Battle Royale.

Fortnite is a great option to play regularly as it will always show you some new content every month. That’s why it enjoys so much appeal among players, whether it’s in its free version or paid modes.



Doom has been a recognized name in video games since its first pixelated versions. Although it lost strength over time, this version released in 2016 renewed the forces of the saga to regain its popularity. Its excellent gameplay and the fun development of the missions make it a spectacular set of endless action.

Doom takes place on Mars, where we are part of an elite of space marines trained to stop an invasion of demonic creatures, where all the action takes place at a frantic pace, a classic of this saga.

This version of Doom has also had a sequel, Doom Eternal, which is worth mentioning with full honors. Both versions can be played in multiplayer modes, but in campaign mode, you will not be disappointed.

CounterStrike – Global Offensive


This 2012 competitive game puts players of different nationalities on the same stage where they measure their techniques and skills in each game, trying to be faster and more accurate than their enemies. Each game is different thanks to the great variety of maps, weapons, and resources in play, as no two players behave in the same way.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has a very well-achieved detail. In this genre, for example, each weapon has a recoil effect that you have to learn to use, as well as the use of telescopic sights for sniper weapons.

Developing and mastering these skills will make the difference in achieving victory. In addition, this game needs to develop strategic thinking and the surprise factor in order to stay one step ahead of the opponents.

Halo – The Master Chief Collection


The Master Chief Collection of the Halo saga is an icon for the FPS genre and is now also available for PC. It is composed of remasters and optimized versions to enjoy its excellent campaigns in the comfort of your computer.

The audiovisual quality of each game is first class, faithfully attached to the original versions, especially in the campaign modes. It includes a multiplayer mode that has the promise of expanding with the release of new versions of the collection.

This collection is made up of the following titles:

  • Halo Reach
  • Halo Combat Evolved.
  • Halo 2.
  • Halo 3.
  • Halo 3 ODST.
  • Halo 4.

HalfLife – Alyx


Half-Life: Alyx is a shooter with the novelty of being compatible with virtual reality (VR) accessories. With a story set between the events of the first and second Half-Life, we embody the brave Alyx Vance and develop a mission of infiltration in the core of the Alliance to help the resistance in its mission to defeat them.

The gameplay in this virtual reality version is some of the best we’ve seen in a long time, both in the physics of the environment and in the development of the story. The interaction between the environment and the objects distributed in the scenarios is incredible. Half-Life: Alyx rewards the ingenuity used to solve the situations presented by the amount of detail in the game.

By all of the above, it is clear that it is a demanding game in computer resources, so it is a detail to keep in mind when installing it on your computer.

Rainbow Six – Siege


Although this 2015 version of Rainbow Six was not an initial success, the developers had the good sense to listen to the criticism of the user community, thus achieving one of the best tactical games in the shooter genre.

Stealth and strategy, tactical skills, explosives and rappelling ropes, scouting drones, and diversity of long-range weapons are the ideal settings to win every game.

Spec Ops – The Line


Spec Ops: The Line is one of the oldest shooters (it has a 2012 release date), but it continues to make an impactful effect with everyone who plays it.

It has all the classic elements of a war FPS, with a very interesting gameplay mechanic since you must use the resources present in the environment in order to have the advantage during the missions. The detail is in a component of high psychological content to include moral questions in the development of the plot.

The game is excellent both in the development of campaigns and in the team dynamics in the cooperative mode to complete the missions. A classic is worthy of any list of the best.

Star Wars Battlefront II


If you are a lover of the Star Wars saga and a regular player of FPS games, this is one of the best games that unites the best of those 2 worlds. Although it wasn’t well-received at launch either, the development team made the necessary adjustments to reboot and give the public a product worthy of George Lucas’ legendary universe.

The game’s main character is a Star Wars character.

Battlefront II is a shooter that can be played offline and includes an engaging campaign mode that tells the story from the perspective of a Stormtrooper. Its multiplayer mode is the star of this version thanks to its plethora of variants including a Villains vs. Heroes mode and the formidable Galactic Assault with the full variety of vehicles from the Star Wars universe.

Quake Champions


If you are of the generation that knew Quake from its beginnings and misses those old days, Quake Champions is a game with a lot of competition where you will face players from all over the world. It has the original essence of a great adrenaline charge where shooting and running for your life is the essence of the game.

Quake Champions introduces an invention never seen before in this saga. The characters possess attributes and abilities of their own. In this way, each player presents a different play style according to their weapons and design. All the essential elements to spend a long time of frenetic and unlimited action.



Warframe is a shooter par excellence. Released in 2013, it has expanded its content since the beginning offering a wide variety of scenarios.

Warframe takes place in a futuristic world with a cinematic-style setting. The action takes place between shooting, acrobatics, sword fighting, and tactical skills, where each mission improves the character’s skills until he becomes a specialist in all war skills.

Testing all the features of the game needs a lot of time and dedication. Whether alone or in the company of a team, it is a long way to go through it in its entirety. Updates continue to be uploaded occasionally, which ensures plenty of action time, fun, and good times solving complex missions to save the world.

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