Best Decks for Arena 2 in Clash Royale

arena 2

Are you just starting in Clash Royale and want to have a deck for arena 2 (Bone Pit 300 trophies) that is easy to play and that will win you games to move up in trophies faster? Check out these decks we have prepared for you! We have provided the option to copy the deck directly to your … Read more

How to get free gems in Clash Royale? Legal Methods

how to win free gems at clash royale

Gamers who spend hours of their lives in front of their cell phones to collect cards and defend towers in Clash Royale can find themselves with the advantage of obtaining gems, chests, and gold to defeat the most dangerous enemies without resorting to real money through Paypal or credit cards. For you, there are tricks … Read more

Clash Royale: How to create a Tournament


Private tournaments are a game feature in which you can play with a certain number of people and with a certain game type, be it normal battles, sudden death, triple elixir, etc. Here in this post, you’ll learn how to create a private tournament in Clash Royale, and also a website to check the actual Tournaments … Read more

Clash Royale: Tier list – Updated!


First of all, you need to understand that the Tier List is always changing as it depends on the balance changes that Supercell does. In this post, you’ll see the best cards in 2021, and we will be updating the tier list every month so you can be ready for the actual meta. Here’s the Clash Royale … Read more

Best Decks with Ice Wizard

mago hielo

The Ice Wizard is no longer the worst legendary card in the game thanks to the balance changes introduced in August 2017. In fact, it has become a highly viable and very effective card in many varied decks. We are going to leave you with 3 decks with the Ice Wizard that are very good … Read more

Find out all the rewards for leagues in Free Fire

all ranks free fire

Do you want to know what rewards you will get at the end of the season in Free Fire? In this post, we will try to solve all your doubts so that when the end of the season is coming, you can get the best possible reward. The main thing is that you review the … Read more

Install and Play Garena Free Fire on PC with emulator

Descargar free fire pc

If you are looking to install the game Garena Free Fire for your PC or MAC you are in the right place. In this guide, we will show you how to install Free Fire for free on your computer or laptop. Are you ready to eliminate your opponents as you have never done before? 🎮 … Read more

How to get Rubies in My Café: Recipes & Stories?

mi cafe recetas y historias rubis

If you want to advance much faster in the game and have some upgrades, you will need to get a few rubies. This new premium currency added to My Café Recipes & Stories is actually very difficult to obtain, but in this guide, we will try to give you some hope so you can see … Read more

Nickname generator for Fortnite

generador de nicks para fortnite

If you are looking for the best nick generator for the game Fortnite and you want to have the most epic name, with this generator that we offer, you can customize it to your liking to make it the most legendary thing you’ve ever seen. Do you want to see it? Let’s go check it … Read more