Best Golem decks in Clash Royale for 2022


Golem is the best Beatdown card in Clash Royale. It is an epic card that can be obtained from 3,000 Trophies (You have very good decks for Arena 8 here). This 2022 start destroying the arenas with the Golem thanks to these decks. Down below you’ll find the best decks with this magnificent card that … Read more

Decks with Miner on Clash Royale 2021


The Miner, one of my favorite cards, it’s a Legendary card obtainable on Arena 4, P.E.K.K.A’s Playhouse. This card is associated with fast decks, but it also can be used in the beatdown archetype, as a mini-tank for swarm units like in Lava Hound decks. In this post, you’ll find the best Miner decks which … Read more

Clash Royale: TOP 10 Mother Witch decks

mother witch

The Mother Witch is a game-changer card. It has the ability to spawn a Hog from a dead troop if it has been previously attacked by her. It’s a Legendary Card that costs 4 elixirs and it can be obtained on Arena 15, the Legendary Arena. It’s considered the best legendary card in the game … Read more

Best Free to Play decks in Clash Royale

free to play decks

Today I’ll show you the best free-to-play decks in Clash Royale, you won’t have to spend any or barely any Dollars. What is a Free-to-Play deck? The concept of Free-to-play is referred to a player who doesn’t spend any money in the game. Being a Free-to-Play player in Clash Royale means that you’ll have to … Read more

Chests Clash Royale – Drop rate (2021)

todo sobre los cofres en clash royale

Currently, there are 15 different Chests in Clash Royale: These chests are obtained by playing Challenges, buying in the Shop, or simply battling. The higher your trophies are the higher possibility of dropping better cards. You can obtain an Epic Card from all chests except Legendary Chests and Common/Rare/Legendary Pass Royale Chests. Also, you can … Read more

Best decks for Arena 15 (Legendary Arena) in Clash Royale


Now that you reached the Legendary Arena, you can’t be demoted to a lower one so, welcome to the Legendary Arena! This arena is where leagues are unlocked, and there’s a total of 10 leagues: Challenger I: 5,000 trophies 🏆 Challenger II: 5,300 trophies 🏆 Challenger III: 5,600 trophies 🏆 Master I: 6,000 trophies 🏆 … Read more

Best decks arena 14 in Clash Royale updated


The Arena 14, Serenity Peak, is one of the two new arenas that Supercell introduced in June 2021. The other arena is the 13th, the Rascal’s Hideout. This arena can be reached by obtaining 4600 trophies. Keep reading to see the new cards unlocked on Serenity Peak and the best decks of this Arena that … Read more

Best decks for Arena 13 in Clash Royale (2021)

arena 13

You just reached Arena 13 and got some new cards? Here I’ll show you the best decks for Arena 13, Rascal’s Hideout. First of all, let me explain to you that Rascal’s Hideout is one of the two new arenas implemented by Supercell in June 2021. This Arena can be reached by obtaining 4,200 trophies. … Read more

Best decks for arena 12 (Updated 2021)

arena 12

The Arena 12 is called Spooky Town, and it can be reached by obtaining 3800 trophies. Keep reading to see the best decks you can use with the new cards that you get in Arena 12. Good decks working on Arena 12 How to win battles and get to Arena 13 Card levels. Be sure … Read more

Good Decks for Arena 11 at Clash Royale

arena 11

You just reached Arena 11 and got some new cards? Here I’ll show you the best decks for Arena 11, Electro Valley, which will help you to reach Arena 12 easily. Best arena 11 decks currently What should you keep in mind for this Arena 11? Keep focusing on leveling up your Common and Rare … Read more