The best heroes if you are a beginner in Overwatch 2

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mejores heroes overwatch 2 para principiantes

Are you starting to play Overwatch 2 and you don’t know how to start winning your matches or you don’t think you are choosing the best character to do it? In this post we have compiled the 3 strongest characters and who are in the meta in each Role.

What is your main role in Overwatch 2?

In Overwatch 2 there are 3 main Roles:

  • Healer or Support: The one in charge of keeping alive or boosting allies’ statuses. These heroes are concerned to keep both the tank and the DPS with their health at maximum, healing, or adding shields. There are always 2 supports per team.
  • Tank: Its main function is to resist damage, either by mitigating with shields, with abilities that stop projectiles or with damage mitigation spells. The Tank as a general rule should always be in the lead protecting its allies and allowing them to open spots in the enemy’s defense. There is only 1 tank per team.
  • DPS – Damage: Basically the ally that performs the maximum damage to the enemy team, they are usually on the flanks performing as much DPS (Damage per second) as possible. There are always 2 DPS in each team.

overwatch 2 rols

Since you know the function of all the roles in Overwatch 2, let’s go ahead and see which characters are the strongest in their Role.

The 3 best Support or Healers

Based on this list of starting players these are the 3 best support heroes:

#1 – Moira


At low ranks, Moira has proven to be one of the best healers thanks to her biotic orb and biotic beam offering area healing to all her allies.

Both Biotic Orb and Biotic Grasp offer her version of damage if you toggle the right button (Damage) or left button (Heal). All of their healing spells are area-based and with easy aiming, you won’t need much skill to perform healing.

The Fade offers a quick escape if you are out of position, allowing you to reposition and continue healing your allies.

The Coalescence (ultimate) deals damage to enemies and healing to allies being one of the most interesting ultimates among beginner players.

#2 – Mercy


The healer who can raise allies in seconds. Mercy in coverage heals allies the best and at low levels can be a nightmare against the enemy team.

Her caduceus staff offers fast healing without needing a great skill, you will raise the life of your tank or DPS in seconds. With the left click, you will heal with the right click you will boost the ally’s damage. Use it generally to heal.

The guardian angel offers Mercy an escape route if she is cornered, being able to jump from one ally to another while healing all her health, combined with the Angelic Descent will allow you to be in the air making it difficult for enemy DPS to eliminate you.

The Resurrection will allow Mercy to resurrect an ally again, this being a key ability to raise tanks again since they have a lot of health.

Finally the Valkiria (Ultimate) allows you to fly and be much more agile in the air, in addition to powering all of Mercy’s abilities.

#3 – Lúcio


Lúcio is the Freestyle character par excellence, he allows you to forget a bit about constantly healing your allies because his healing is done in areas around Lúcio.

If you want to move among your allies and be more difficult to hunt, Lúcio is probably your best healer.

The Sonic Amplifier is the ability with which he fires projectiles and performs constant damage to enemies.

Crossfade is Lúcio’s healing or movement skill, always in an area around you, you will empower your allies with Movement or Health depending on the track you have chosen.

Amp it up boosts the Crossfade amplifying either the movement speed or the health regenerated by your area. With Amp it up you will be able to change a Team Fight completely.

SoundWave repels nearby enemies, a great weapon to push even enemies out of the map, lethal to them. It can also help you to escape from complicated situations.

Sound Barrier (Ultimate) allows you to create a shield for all nearby allies, being a great tool to change team fights or stop the damage of enemy ultimates. Use it when your entire team is low on health or an enemy ultimate is about to hit your entire team.

The 3 best DPS

For low-level players, we recommend these 3 DPS for their great playability and great impact on the game.

#1 – Bastion


Bastion is very easy to use and the impact in battle is tremendously great if you don’t expose yourself too much.

The Configuration: assault is the ability that allows you to shoot quickly and without having to reload, and use it to take down shields or enemies with barriers. If you find an unprotected enemy is devastating. Of course, you will see how your speed is diminished in exchange for an incredible rate of fire.

The A-36 Tactical Grenade allows you to clear certain areas of the map in area, it is useful to perform more constant damage while you take cover, it is not great damage but it does offer one more skill for Bastion’s damage kit.

Configuration: Artillery is definitive of Bastion. You become immobile and fire 3 volleys of projectiles at the map location of your choice near you, it is advantageous to be able to scatter enemies. If it hits the center it is tremendously effective.

Bastion for DPS is one of the best options currently as its skill kit is simple to use and offers huge damage.

#2 – Soldier 76

soldier 76

Soldier 76 is the quintessential shooter, much like a Call of Duty character is a good entry for new players to Overwatch 2.

The Heavy Pulse Rifle (left click) is Soldier 76’s base shot, it offers a good damage cadence and with the good aim, you can do a lot of damage to enemies.

Sprint allows you to move quickly from one place to another.

Biotic Field offers in a small area a zone where you can heal and quickly return to battle.

Helix Rockets fires a salvo of rockets that do a lot of damage to enemies. It is a very good ability to finish off enemies.

Tactical Visotr is the ultimate of Soldier 76 that automatically adjusts and hits enemies that are in Soldier 76’s vision range, similar to an aimbot in the game. It is easy to stop with shields so try to launch it from the rear of the enemies or when there are no shields.

This character is simple to use and very useful when you are well-covered.

#3 – Reaper


The Reaper is the DPS that appears to do as much damage as possible and quickly fades away once all the damage has been done. This hero is always healed when doing damage, so in 1 vs 1 confrontations, he is usually very effective.

His Hellfire Shotguns offer devastating damage if it is almost melee, it is very effective against immobile tanks.

The Shadow Step allows him to teleport and thus move out of sight of enemies. It is a good way to jump on the heads of enemies to create havoc with his ultimate.

With the Wraith Form, you can quickly escape from complicated situations because it becomes invulnerable to all types of damage and accelerates the speed of movement. The only drawback is that you won’t be able to shoot.

With the definitive Death Blossom, it does devastating damage to nearby enemies. It is an ability that does a lot of damage and also with the passive The Reaping you will heal, being very effective against players with low skill because to stop the Spiral of Death you can stun Reaper.

The 3 best tanks in Overwatch 2

As there is only 1 tank in each game the tanks are stronger than the rest of the heroes and have very interesting abilities to survive enemy attacks.

#1 – Orisa


Orisa is probably now the most powerful tank in the game. Her Skill Kit is tremendously effective and between them, there is a very interesting synergy.

Her Augmented Fusion driver is Orisa’s main damage ability offering constant and effective damage at short distances. It has no reload as such but the machine gun heats up if you fire for too long.

The Energy Javelin is a very interesting ability to stun enemies and repel them, mainly in abilities like Reaper’s Death Blossom which allows one to stop them. If the Javelin hits an enemy it will stun it and repel it and also if it hits a wall, it will stun it longer.

Fortify is a very interesting ability, as it allows you to be immune to any immobilization or stun, as well as offering extra health and reducing the damage they do to you. It is one of the best skills in the game.

Javelin Spin not only increases your forward movement speed but also knocks back enemies it hits, destroys projectiles, and blocks enemy melee attacks. If you combine Javelin Spin and then Fortify you will be for a large amount of time covered in damage, this time being crucial to recover your health thanks to your support allies.

Terra Surge is used to lure all nearby enemies towards Orisa, you get Fortify while using it and once a few seconds pass the Javelin explodes for high damage. You can release the damage if you press Q quickly. This ultimate is very good to change team fight completely.

#2 – Reinhardt


Reinhardt is the character we always see with the giant shield. He is the hero with the biggest shield. Good protector and simple to use.

The Rocket Hammer is Reinhardt’s basic ability which allows him in a cone in front of him to sweep all enemies with a lot of damage.

Charge allows Reinhardt to move quickly across the battlefield, if you ram an enemy and ram him against the wall you will create huge damage, being an ability to create gaps between the enemy’s defense.

The Fire Strike is a skill that goes through all enemies. This ability allows you to quickly charge Reinhardt’s ultimate by being able to accumulate up to 2 projectiles.

The Barrier Field is Reinhardt’s defense ability, being such a wide shield allows protection for all allies behind the shield. It is very interesting to mitigate the damage of enemy projectiles, it also serves to protect from many definitives being this a great skill.

Earthshatter is Reinhardt’s ultimate ability, in a straight line, it creates a devastating area that inflicts damage and immobilizes all enemies, very interesting to change the situation of a team fight.

#3 – Sigma


Sigma is a fairly versatile tank offering good damage and protection.

His main ability hyperspheres allow him to fire 2 projectiles that can bounce and does area damage. It is a great attack to eliminate mainly support heroes.

The Kinetic Grasp ability absorbs projectiles thrown at you and transforms them into a shield depending on the damage blocked. This shield is useful to support and protect all nearby allies.

Accretion is the ability that allows Sigma to open flanks as it creates a large rock and launches it against enemies, which stuns them on impact.

Experimental Barrier creates a barrier that can be positioned forward, then pressed again it returns to Sigma. It is very interesting to cover flanks and combined with Kinetic Grab can block quite a lot of damage in several seconds.

Sigma’s Gravitic Flux definitive allows him to lift enemies into the air causing them to be impacted against the ground in a few seconds doing a lot of damage, the area of this definitive is quite large being very interesting to sweep several enemies in a single skill.

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