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September 6, 2021

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If you want to start earning gold from all the methods to raise cards faster, we show you how we do it most quickly and easily. If you follow these steps and recommendations, in a few days you will have increased your gold in your account with relative ease.

So if you are a player who does not get large amounts of gold, here are a few tips that you can apply now and start leveling your cards.

What is gold for and how can you make a profit from it?

Gold is a very important resource in Clash Royale because you will always need more and more. Gold in Clash Royale basically works to level up all your cards. Keep in mind that Supercell is constantly releasing new cards for which you will have to pay their gold to level them up.

image of gold in clash royale

If you are a player who gets a lot of gold what you will get is to maximize all your cards and thus try new decks with the maximum level of cards. Did you know that you need about 185,000 gold in total to upgrade a card to its maximum level? These are the total costs to upgrade cards to the max level:

  • Common: 185,625 Gold
  • Rare: 185,600 Gold
  • Epic: 184,400 Gold
  • Legendary: 175,000 Gold

Gold is also useful when creating a Clan which you will probably need access to if you want to maximize your gold earnings.

What are the best ways to get gold?

If you want to get a solid and steady fistful of gold and start to upload cards steadily, this is what you should do. We have prepared a small guide that you should follow daily to obtain gold solidly and easily. So enjoy it and start enjoying abundant amounts of gold in your account right now.

#1 – Donate cards in the clan

Donate cards in the clan

To be able to use this trick you will have to go to a clan where the users are very active, generally, you will find the active clans looking in the high scores, a good way is to look for clans that are quite full, preferably if they speak your language to have more friends in the game. This is the amount of gold you will get by donating a card to your clanmates:

Type XP Gold
Common 1 XP 5 Gold
Rare 10 XP 50 Gold
Epic 10 XP 500 Gold Only on Sundays!

Remember that in the highest arenas you can only give up to 360 cards in total. This is one of the easiest ways to get gold so daily without counting the epic card that you can ask for on Sundays, you will get 1,800 gold daily just by giving cards.

Learn more about clans in Clash Royale – all the information!

#2 – Chests


Another way to get gold constantly and progressively is by opening chests. Most chests give gold at each opening so this will be one of the ways you will get more gold in your day today. Remember that the higher the arena you are in, the more gold and cards these chests will contain, so try to climb the maximum arenas because the amount of gold you get from all sources will also increase.

We leave you this guide to know the rewards of the chests.

#3 – Tournaments and events

Tournaments and events

The constant and weekly tournaments that Supercell creates will help you to obtain gold in another way, if you did not have enough with the chests and the donation of cards on the days that there are tournaments you can win an extra one and if you do not have the opportunity to win gold, you can win some extra cards that will be very good to donate them in the clan.

Join all kinds of tournaments because the prizes are incredible, even if you are not going to win if you get a prize, it’s better than nothing. Be alert if there are these types of events such as the gold rush event because they are very interesting to get gold and the best of all is that it will be very easy to get it.

Just as in tournaments you can get gold, mainly on weekends on many occasions Supercell launches this type of event where you will get double gold and a lot of it by destroying enemy towers or even winning fights. Take the opportunity to fill your account with gold and enjoy great level-ups of your cards.

And if I want to spend gems, what is the best way to earn gold?

double gems not working in clash royale

If you want to use the gems, the best thing to do is not to spend the money in the store. The secret is to use these gems to play classic challenges and grand challenges, these tournaments are a great source of gold because if you get to take the final in the grand challenge the amount of gold you can earn is 22,000 Gold. Avoid buying gold directly in the store or buying chests because even if it is a quick solution, you will not get much benefit compared to playing these gems in the challenges.

Last tip

The higher the arena the greater the rewards in the form of gold, both from chests and donations, so if you are stuck in an arena, we recommend that you use one of our key decks that you will find on our website like these:

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