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Bridge Spam decks are very useful on many occasions because they are solid in both defense and attack, besides being very versatile. In this post, we have compiled the best Bridge Spam decks with which you can surprise your enemies and win some extra cups.

Bridge Spam with 3 spells

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Bridge spam classic

bridge spam classic spam
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Bridge spam with Pekka and Dart Goblin

Dart goblin and pekka with bridge spam

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Bridge spam with Royal Ghost

bridge spam deck with Royal Ghost

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Pekka’s Bridge Spam Deck with Battle Ram

bridge spam with zap

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Bridge spam deck with Ram rider

mazo bridge spam with ram rider

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Undoubtedly these are the decks that have dominated the high arenas of Clash Royale and you can try them. Depending on the level you have the cards will serve you more than another.

Strategy to follow with Bridge Spam decks

The strong point of this deck is obviously to use the cards in the bridge quickly and cyclically, for example, a PEKKA with a Battle Ram can be devastating if the enemy at that time has no elixir to defend. Generally, these battle strikes have a very good defense, both ground and anti-air, so it is very well accepted by all professional players.

As you can see, the Bandit is the main card and this is due to its fast and unexpected ability that allows in a few seconds to be hitting the enemy tower. If you properly use a card in front of the Bandit you will get a good hit to the enemy tower without spending a lot of elixir. A good example is the Battle Ram + the Bandit that adds 7 elixir and you have more elixir to defend or to use on attack.

These decks are generally equipped with many spells to avoid the hordes of enemies and also to support your offensive cards if needed.

As you may have seen, there is the classic Bridge spam deck but alternatives emerged where you can vary your cards, depending on what suits you you can use one or the other but the bandit has to be the same as the Battle Battering Ram along with 2 or 3 spells to defend properly.

Interesting cards you can add to this spam deck

  • Knight: for your defense is a card that can be very interesting and offers decent damage for the very small amount of elixir
  • Mega Knight: if you want to replace the PEKKA this is the ideal card, also combines very well with the Bandit

These are the cards that can be used the most in this type of deck.

What does Bridge Spam mean?

This type of deck comes from the English “bridge spam” or basically put many cards on the bridge to saturate the enemy player. It is the goal of this deck to be able to kill the enemy by constantly adding cards to the bridge.

Want to see more decks like this?

You have here the best clash royale decks by each arena and by card type. You also have the option to see more deck archetypes.

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