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November 13, 2021

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Today I’ll show you the best free-to-play decks in Clash Royale, you won’t have to spend any or barely any Dollars.

What is a Free-to-Play deck?

The concept of Free-to-play is referred to a player who doesn’t spend any money in the game. Being a Free-to-Play player in Clash Royale means that you’ll have to use a deck with only Common and Rare Cards. Now with Trade Tokens and Magic Items, it’s easier to max out Epic and Legendary cards, but it’s still not easy as it should.

Keep reading to see the best decks for free-to-play players like you.

Best Free to Play decks

Deck with Royal Hogs Goblin Hut

Royal Hogs Goblin Hut

Hog Rider Mortar Bait deck

Hog Rider Mortar Bait

Giant Three Musketeers deck

Giant Three Musketeers deck

These three decks are the best decks, but down below you’ll find three more decks that are so powerful as well.

Is Clash Royale Free-to-Play friendly or it’s a Pay-to-win game?

Besides what everyone thinks, Clash Royale is not a Pay-to-win game. As I’m showing you in this post, there’s plenty of decks that you can use that don’t require any Epic or Legendary card, which means that these are completely Free-to-play. If you want to define Clash Royale basing it on money, I’d say that this game is “Pay to progress faster“. Surely you’ll advance faster and get more cards if you pay, but it’s not necessary to. As a F2P player, you should definitely do the following in order to progress:

  • Join a Clan
  • Request cards every 7h (Rare cards first, Common cards are easier to get in chests)
  • Play clan wars always, even when the race is done as you’ll get Gold.
  • Upgrade just a couple of decks and use them for Ladder
  • Play all global tournaments to win rewards, check the best decks in this post
  • Play Special Challenges
  • Do not buy Legendary cards or Epic cards by Gold on the Store, you’ll need it to upgrade your cards.

If you don’t want to spend a dollar on this game, you have to be quite clear that it will be a very long way to maximize a deck, so be patient.

More awesome Free to Play decks!

Deck with Royal Hogs Royal recruits

Deck with Royal Hogs Royal recruits

Hog Rider 2.6

Hog Rider 2.6

Royal Giant 2.9 cycle

Royal Giant 2.9 cycle

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