Best Lavaloon Decks An Air Deck with a lot of potential!

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mazo lavaloon aprende a usarlo

In this post we talk about the deck composed of Lava Hound and Balloon, also called Lavaloon. Its potential lies in the fact that the 2 cards that are victory condition are aerial and very very powerful to bring down enemy towers in a single attack. We tell you more about this deck that has never stopped being played in Clash Royale.

The classic Lavaloon deck the best

classic lavaloon deck

Copy the deck here>>

This deck combines a powerful aerial attack with the Balloon and the Lava Hound along with a great defense that grants you the Tombstone, Mega Minion, or the Barbarians. Undoubtedly this deck is very useful for trophy rise if you have the Lava Hound at a good level. it is a very balanced deck, we recommend that you use it and get the most out of it.

How to play the Lavaloon deck?

The secret of this deck is nothing more than casting the Lava Hound and behind it the Balloon. Being air units the enemy will probably have trouble defending because not all cards attack air units.

The function of the Lava Hound is to block all enemy damage while the Balloon penetrates the enemy defenses to reach the tower and unload its powerful bomb. If you manage to hit the enemy tower twice with the balloon you will have half of the tower done, if you add the damage of the Lava Hound you can even take down the entire enemy tower.

For defense, you will have to sacrifice a little more Elixir, use a lot of structure to defend yourself from cards that only attack structures.

With the fireball you will be able to stop large hordes of enemies, also the ZAP will help you to do it.

Here you can see in video how to do it in an optimal way.

Other Lavaloon decks that work very well

Skeleton Dragons and Lavaloondragon skeletons and lavaloon

Copy the deck here >>

Lavaloon with clone

lavaloon with clone

Copy the deck here >>

Lavaloon with guards

lavaloon with guards

Copy the deck here >>

As you can see, there is a lot of variety of Lavaloon type decks you can find. Still, if you want to go a little further you have the LavaFreeze deck which is like these that we have shown you but adding the Freeze, the cost is very high but the reward is much higher 🙂

If you want to see more decks like these we have a few:

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