How to Change Name in Clash Royale

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September 17, 2021

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Are you tired of your name? Did you grow up and decided that “Drunk boy” isn’t a good option and you prefer to modify it? Or maybe you want to add some symbols or emojis? Then you came to the right place. Follow these steps to successfully change your name in Clash Royale:

Changing Name in Clash Royale

  • First of all, in order to change your name, you must be level 4 or high.
  • Open the Menu Bars that appear on top-right side of your screen and choose the option: Settings.


  • Once you’re there, select the option Change name.
  • If this is the first time you change your name, you will see the following image:

change name

  • As soon as you click on Okay, a new window will appear where you can type your new name (if you want to add some emojis to your name, be careful because some of them might not be visible after you confirm the change. Please be sure to confirm which emojis are available).
  • If you already changed your name once but want to change it again, the price will be 500 gems. In case you want to keep changing your name, the price of the gems will increase by 500 each time(first 500, then 1000, 1500, and so on).

If you have not decided your name yet, here’s a list of cool names that you can use:

30 name ideas for your character

  • Knight of the arenas
  • Electric
  • Flying Mage
  • Earth Barbarian
  • Conqueror of Arenas
  • Flying rocket
  • Trophy guard
  • Impeccable knight
  • Friend of trophies
  • King YOUR NAME
  • The victorious
  • Captain YOUR NAME
  • Legionary YOUR NAME
  • Warrior YOUR NAME
  • Trophy Finder
  • Trophy Hunter
  • Night Warrior
  • Trophy Commander
  • ACE
  • Winning mindset
  • Gladiator of the mountains
  • Winter commander
  • No impulses
  • Captain of arenas
  • Troll reborn
  • Contender to win
  • Log bait fan
  • Mountain tranquilizer
  • Admiral of the Arenas

If it helps you, you can also use the Rompeniveles nicks generator which will allow you to increase the range of names even more.

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