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Clans are an in-game feature where players congregate with their friends (or not), play together, try decks, help each other, competing with other Clans to prove who’s the best, and a lot more.

Here in this post, you’ll learn everything about Clans, so make sure to keep reading.

How to create a Clan

There are some requirements to create your Clan:

  • Creating a Clan costs 1,000 Gold.
  • You must complete the Tutorial.

If you accomplish those requirements, you’ll be able to create the Clan, choose its name, badge, description, and settings.

Clan Settings

In order to create a clan, you need to set some settings before doing it:

  • Type of Clan:
    • Open: anyone can join if they have the minimum Trophies required
    • Invite Only: players can request to join, and anyone invited can join, no matter the number of Trophies.
    • Closed: only invited people can join the Clan.
  • Clan Badge: can be modified whenever a Clan Leader wants to.
  • Clan Name: cannot be changed so choose wisely. Check out this post about Names for your Clan to take some ideas.
  • Clan Description: that’s used to create some interest in your clan to make people join it.

Clan Roles

In Clash Royale, there are 4 actual roles in Clans: Members, Elders, Co-Leaders, and Leader. Here I’m showing you its roles or what are they able or not to do.

  • Members: whenever you join a Clan, you became a Member. This role doesn’t have any privilege, kick or promote other members, or change the Clan Settings.
  • Elders: they can kick Members but not promote them, accept players to the clan or even invite them, but they are not able to change Clan Settings.
  • Co-Leaders: they can kick, promote, and demote Members and Elders, invite and accept players, and can change Clan Settings. They can promote Elders to Co-Leaders but cannot demote Co-Leaders to Elders. They also can Nudge the players to make a reminder to play Clan Wars.
  • Leader: it’s the player who created the Clan, but it’s not always this case as the Leader can demote itself to promote someone else to this role. They have the same advantages as the Co-Leaders but the Leader can kick and demote everyone, no matter the player’s role.

How to leave a Clan

Leaving of a Clan in Clash Royale is easy, just follow this:

  • Click on your Clan Badge on the top right in your Clan window.
  • Click again on your Clan name at the top side of your screen.
  • Press the button leave and confirm it.

If you leave a clan and you join a new one, you won’t be able to donate/receive cards for 2 hours and a half, the same is applied on trading cards.

Donation and Request cards

  • The most important feature in Clans is donation and request cards to your clanmates, which will help you to level up your cards faster.
  • You must be at least King Level 3 to request cards.
  • You can’t request a card that you don’t own yet.
  • You can request cards every 7 hours so it’s important to time it correctly to be able to do it 3 times per day.
  • You have to choose between requesting Common cards or Rare Cards, and the amount of requested and donated depends on the arena you’re in:


Arena Donations Requests
Goblin Stadium 1 Common or 1 Rare 10 commons or 1 Rare
Bone Pit 2 Commons or 1 Rare
Barbarian Bowl
P.E.K.K.A’s Playhouse 4 Commons or 1 Rare 20 Commons or 2 Rares
Spell Valley
Builder’s Workshop
Royal Arena 6 Commons or 1 Rare 30 Commons or 3 Rares
Frozen Peak
Jungle Arena
Hog Mountain 8 Commons or 1 Rare 40 Commons or 4 rares
Electro Valley
Spooky Town
Rascal’s Hideout
Serenity Peak
Legendary Arena
  • There’s also a Daily donation limit, which also depends on the arena you’re in:
    • From Arena 1 to Arena 3: 90 cards
    • From Arena 4 to Arena 6: 180 cards
    • From Arena 7 to Arena 9: 270 cards
    • From Arena 10 to Arena 15: 360 cards
  • Every Sunday you’ll be able to request Epic cards once from your teammates, so make sure to choose wisely.

Some questions on Donate Cards in Clash Royale

  • What’s the benefit of donating cards? You’ll receive Gold and Experience Points/Star Points from each donation:
    • Common card: 1 XP/SP and 5 Gold coins for each Common card donated.
    • Rare Card: 10 XP/SP and 10 Gold Coins for each Rare card donated.
    • Epic Card: 10 XP/SP and 500 Gold coins for each Epic Card donated
    • Maxed Card: you won’t receive money but you’ll receive the XP/SP.
  • Is it worth donating cards or I’ll lose too much? Yes! My advice is to not overcommit to donating a lot, if you’re a new player, donate cards that you don’t plan to level up, or just donate a few of them. You’ll receive money that can be used to level up your cards.
  • What’s better, request Common Cards or Rare Cards? As a fellow experienced player, I’d always recommend you to request Rare cards because are harder to get than Common cards. Make sure to focus on requesting win conditions depending on your playstyle: Rare win conditions are Hog Rider, Giant, Royal Hogs, Three Musketeers, Elixir Golem, and Battle Ram. Common win conditions are Royal Giant, Mortar, and Skeleton Barrel. When you have your Win-condition at a decent level, request cards that pair well with that win condition (Mini Pekka, Musketeer, Valkyrie, Elite Barbarians, Spirits, etc.). check out the following post about How to Build your own deck to know more about this.

Trade Tokens

The Trade Tokens help you to level up a card faster than the donating way. They allow you to Trade Cards with your clanmates or the Trader (which appears on the Clan War). These Trade Tokens can be obtained in Challenges, by gaining trophies on the Trophy Road, or buying them in the Shop.

There are 4 types of Trade Tokens, one for each rarity of card games. Depending on that, the amount you can trade is the following:

  • Common: 250 cards
  • Rare: 50 cards
  • Epic: 10 cards
  • Legendary: 1 card

Also, you need to be at least level 8 in order to make these trades and both players trading must have the same Trade Token.

How do these Trade Tokens work?

Simply, you just choose a card that you want to get and a card that you want to give away in compensation.

In order to make these trades, you have to press your Request Card button and then on the Trade Card tab. There, you’ll have to choose the card that you want to receive and then select the cards that you’re up to give away. You can choose 4 different cards to give away but only one will be traded. Once you did that, the trade will appear on the Clan chat and the other players will be able to accept it.

This Trade system doesn’t cost money but asking for a non-maxed card but giving away a maxed card does. The cost is equal to this Card’s overflow price:

  • Common cards: 1,250 Gold
  • Rare Cards: 2,500 Gold
  • Epic Cards: 5,000 Gold
  • Legendary Card: 20,000 Gold

If you request a maxed card you’ll receive Star Points. It will cost you Gold if you give a non-maxed card but it’s free if you give away a maxed card.

The last but not least, you can’t give away the Legendary card that unlocks that card. Let me explain it: if you really want to upgrade your Mother Witch to the next level but you only can give away a Ram Rider because you need the rest of your legendaries, if the card is at 1/21/41/10, or 1/20, you won’t be able to trade it, you need at least another Ram Rider.

Trade cards with the Clan War Trader

The system of trading it’s the same, giving away a card to receive another one, but in this case, there are 3 pre-selected cards to give to the trader and 3 to choose from, but only one of those can be traded.

This NPC appears during Clan War and it resets every day at midnight of the player’s local time zone.

For 10 gems, you can reroll the possible list of cards that you can give to the Trader.

Clan Trophies in Clash Royale

These Clan Trophies are based on the number of Trophies that each player has. It’s not the same trophies as the Clan Ward trophies (which are the Purple ones).

The number of Clan Trophies is calculated by the individual trophies of the Clan members. This is how:

  • Ranks 1-10: 50% of their trophies
  • Ranks 11-20: 25% of their trophies
  • Ranks 21-30: 12% of their trophies.
  • Ranks 31-40: 10% of their trophies
  • Ranks 41-50: 3% of their trophies.

Clan Wars in Clash Royale

Here’s a brief summary of how Clan Wards work:

  • Clans compete against other Clans for rewards and Clan Trophies.
  • Each War will last for 4-5 weeks, and one “River Race” each week. The goal is to win this race by winning games and doing certain tasks
  • The minimum of participants is 10, but all clan members can participate if they are above level 6 and have attack lefts. Only up to 50 unique participants can play in each day’s Clan War.
  • In Clan Wars, your rivals are 5 different clans, including yours. Nonetheless, you play against random players.
  • You have to create 4 decks with unique cards, can’t repeat these cards across the decks, this means 32 unique cards. These cards are based on your level cards so be sure to use the highest ones you have (make sure that your decks have sense, a couple of spells for each, win condition, etc).
  • Boat Battles consist of attacking other clan Boats or defend against Boat attacks by using different decks. The goal is to take down the Defense Towers and make your opponent lose points.
  • Nowadays, this is not the best way to obtain points in Clan Wars so I recommend only set up the defense boats in case other Clan attacks it but focus on playing the River Race battles.
  • If you’re not a maxed player, I’d recommend you to join a Clan that makes a lot of victories in Clan Wars as you’ll get good Chests to level up your cards (first and second place has a guaranteed Legendary card).

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