The 2.6 Deck with the Hog rider Learn how to use it!

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Mazo montpuercos 2.6

The Clash Royale’s 2.6 Hog Rider deck is one of the most effective for the rise of trophies, in this post we want to show you why with this 2.6 cycle deck you climb up the arena very quickly.

The Hog Rider 2.6 fast cycling deck

hog rider 2.6 cycling

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The cards in this deck are:

  • Hog rider
  • Ice Golem
  • The log
  • Fireball
  • Ice spirit
  • Musketeer
  • Skeleton
  • Cannon

As you will see the main card of this deck is the Hog Rider as this is a card with great win conditions, it has the ability to move quickly towards enemy structures at high speed, causing the enemy to have to spend at least equivalent elixir to stop it. The main objective with this deck is to cast as many times as we can the Hog Rider, for this reason, this deck only costs 2.6  of elixir.


This is a deck used even in 7,500 trophies as you can see in this video.

As we have already mentioned the main strategy is to take down the enemy tower with the Hog Rider. Generally, we won’t take down all 3 towers but we will be able to at least take down 1 which will give us the victory.

On attack

This deck doesn’t stand out mainly for having a very strong attack, the attack basically relies on the Hog Rider and the Ice Golem, both combine very well because the Hog can push the Ice Golem giving it a little more speed and reaching the structures quickly. Many times you’ll need the Fireball to clear a path for your Hog Rider, don’t hesitate if you think Elixir’s return will be beneficial to you.

In defense

With the 2.6 Hog cycle, you will have a strong defense, thanks to the structure of the Cannon, the Long or even the Musketeer. You will see that you will quickly have available the card you have cast because they all cost very little Elixir.

Take benefit of the Cannon to defend and deflect all enemy waves, while creating pressure with the Hog Rider as the enemy will have to throw a card to stop it. In this case, the defense is one of the strongest points of this deck, you will defend quickly and with very little Elixir cost.

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