Best Decks for Arena 2 in Clash Royale

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September 6, 2021

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arena 2

Are you just starting in Clash Royale and want to have a deck for arena 2 (Bone Pit 300 trophies) that is easy to play and that will win you games to move up in trophies faster? Check out these decks we have prepared for you!

bone pit arena 2

We have provided the option to copy the deck directly to your deck so that you don’t have to do it by hand.

These decks can be used from 200 trophies up to 600 trophies without any problem. If they are useful to you, always use them for trophy climbing.

Deck with the highest win ratio in Arena 2

Giant deck for arena 2

This deck has all the spells and cards you need to both attack and defend. Very balanced that provides a lot of resistance with the Mini Pekka and the Giant, plus the Musketeer that adds a lot of damage.

Keep in mind that this deck can be used for higher arenas if you increase the level of the cards.

Use the combo Gigant + Mini Pekka to have a front line with a lot of HP.

Versatile deck for arena 2

Versatile deck for arena 2

If you are looking for a deck with the ability to defend and attack equally, this is the deck for you. Thanks to the Mini Pekka and the Baby Dragon you will have an anti-Giant defense, which will allow you to quickly counterattack.

This deck relies much more on doing damage little by little than on a brute force attack, although the Mini Pekka has a clear path that can wreak havoc on the enemy tower, so don’t underestimate it!

It is a good deck for players with a little more experience, it can give very good results in higher arenas.

A deck without Epics!

no epic cards deck

Don’t have any epic cards to put on the battlefield yet? Don’t worry because this deck offers great results.

Thanks to the good defense provided by the bomber and the knight, you will have a very robust defense very cheaply in elixir, and with the musketeer and the archers, you will be able to take down any baby dragon that gets in your way.

More awesome decks!

Skeleton Army deck with goblins

skeleton army and goblins

Balanced deck for arena 2

balanced deck arena 2

Deck with structures

deck with structures

How to play in this arena Bone pit?

arena 2 how to play

This is a small guide because the player’s skill is not usually very high, but you must keep in mind that you will mostly find inexperienced players and you, with these decks, will already have something superior to them.

So always try to defend and then attack with all your elixir, generally, if you make a good defense you will have many cards left in the attack and you will be able to throw the tower at once.

In this Arena and arena 3, you can use any of these decks without problems, this will allow you to push the ladder (trophies) with some ease.

Also in this Youtube channel, you have more ideas on how to play a deck in this arena in an optimal way.

New cards obtained in this arena

  • Bomber: defensive card with high area damage that serves to clean up enemy waves
  • Skeletons: Very cheap card that is mainly used to finish off enemies on defense.
  • Tombstone: Basically defensive card is a structure that attracts structure attackers.
  • Valkyrie: card with a lot of potential in both defense and attack, resists and has an area of damage
  • Baby Dragon: a flying unit that deals splash damage. Great for attacking with your Giant.
  • Skeleton Army: a defensive card that spawns a lot of skeletons that will help you defend. Careful, they die with a small spell.

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