Clash Royale: Best decks for arena 9 and pushing trophies

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November 15, 2021

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arena 9

Looking for the best decks for arena 9 (Jungle Arena)? Well, here you will find a lot of decks that you can copy directly to your clash royale deck. If you like any of these decks, just hit the copy deck button!

The best Arena 9 decks

#1 – Classic Log Bait

classic log bait

Cards used: Goblin Barrel, Princess, The Log, Rocket, Inferno Tower, Goblin Gang, Ice Spirit, and Knight.

Why is this deck interesting?

This deck is considered one of the best decks in the entire game. It’s been around since the beginning and never falls apart. It’s complicated to play but when you dominate it, the results are incredible.

Strong defense with great attack. Be sure to make your opponent use its spells on your cards and punish it.

The key to victory is to maintain alive the Princess, so be sure that use your cards to bait the enemy’s spells.

What are the disadvantages?

High-skill deck. You have to control the enemy’s rotation and know its elixir to make a successful attack.

If your opponent has two small spells you’ll have a really bad time (aka Arrows + Log).

#2 – 2.5 cycle miner deck

2.5 cycle miner deck

Cards used: Skeletons, Musketeer, Ice Spirit, Miner, Ice golem, Canon, Fireball, The log

Why is this deck interesting?

  • Undoubtedly the win condition of this deck is the miner, it offers a slow but sure attack towards the enemy tower. All the other cards should be used defensively and take advantage of the ones that are still alive in the defense to attack together with the miner.
  • You learn much more about playing and countering decks than with other more basic decks.
  • If you master it, you can change the miner for the Hog Rider or remove a card and add the princess, you will see that you have a lot of cycling possibilities!

What are the disadvantages?

  • For Beatdown-style decks, it is quite difficult to defend them unless you use spells very well.
  • Lack of air defense as the Musketeer is your unique air attacker.
  • Quite difficult to control and master this deck.

#3 – Giant Balloon Miner deck


Cards used: Miner, Inferno Dragon, Balloon, Giant, Barbarians, Skeleton Dragons, Zap, and Arrows.

Why is this deck interesting?

This deck is a variation of one of the best Lava Hound decks, it just changed the Lava Hound for the Giant.
Powerful attack with the combination of Giant Balloon or Miner Balloon.
Strong defense due to Barbarians and Inferno Dragon, which both are good against Tanks. Try to not use Inferno Dragon to stop a fast attacker like Hog Rider as it’s not very effective.
If you level up this deck you’ll certainly use it in higher arenas when you unlock the Lava Hound.

What are the disadvantages?

It has two legendary cards that are not easy to get.
No strong spell like Fireball or Lightning

#4 – Goblin Giant Double Prince


Cards used: Goblin Giant, Prince, Dark Prince, Goblin Gang, Spear Goblins, Bats, Fireball, and Zap.

Why is this deck interesting?

  • Strong defense with double princes that provide a super-powerful counter-attack
  • Kite the enemy’s attack with Goblin Giant to the other side of the arena while the Goblins on his back attacks the troops.
  • Undoubtedly what I would highlight the most about this deck is the great ease with which it has to perform powerful attacks, it is probably the deck with the strongest attack of these that we have listed.
  • No legendary cards.

What are the disadvantages?

  • Both princes are easy to distract with swarm units like Goblin Gang.
  • Three epic cards that can be hard to obtain and upgrade.

You can use the Giant Double Prince that you can see here in The Arena 7 post if you don’t have the Goblin Giant at a high level.

What should you keep in mind for this Arena 9?

The variety of cards opens up a wider range of different decks and you must be able to play both defensively and offensively. The level ranges between players are starting to be big and that can punish you against more leveled players.

As we always say, keep a deck and use it until you can master it well, you are just a few trophies away from reaching Arena 13.

New cards in Arena 9

Here are the new cards obtainable from Arena 9:

  • Goblin Gang
  • Goblin Hut
  • Dart Goblin
  • Poison
  • Goblin Giant
  • Inferno Dragon

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