TOP 10 Elite Barbarian Decks – Good decks to boost your trophies

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November 13, 2021

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The Elite Barbarians, one of the most hated cards in the game due to its power and “non-skill”. It’s a Common card obtainable on Hog Mountain (Arena 10) which costs 6 Elixir.

Played as defense, the Elite Barbarians provide an enormous counter-attack that can destroy any tower by themselves if not defended.

Keep reading to see the best decks for this card and make sure to copy your favorite one.

TOP 10 Elite Barbarian decks

Here it is the TOP 10 Elite Barbarian decks that will make you gain trophies and win challenges. Get ready to destroy the Arena of Clash Royale!

#1 – Elite Barbarian Three Musketeer deck

Elite Barbarian Three Musketeer deck

With more than a 55% of win rate, this deck is surprisingly good and it’s getting the recognization it deserves. It has two of the less played cards in the game, Three Musketeers and Elixir Pump, but the combination with the rest of the cards of this deck makes them shine.

Be sure to get an elixir advantage with your Elixir Pumps and try to defend as much as possible. Once you reach double Elixir, you can still use your Elixir Pumps to get even more elixir advantage.

Besides that, this is a split-lane damage deck, this means you’ll be pressuring both lanes at the same time.

Use your Three Musketeers on the back, splitting them 2-1, using the one alone in your most damaged tower and the rest on the other side. This will make your opponent not use a spell, like Fireball, on your damaged Tower.

#2 – Golem Elite Barbarian deck

Golem Elite Barbarian Deck

This deck is getting the numbers because Goblin Drill as this deck has good tools to deal with that.

Golem with Elite Barbarians is always a deadly combination.

You should wait until double elixir time to use your Golem and start your attack, so be sure that you can defend properly before that.

In this case, there’s no small spell, like Zap or Barbarian Barrel, only the Tornado to gather all the enemy troops or activate your King Tower. Also, it doesn’t have a stun spell or troop, so you’ll have problems dealing with Inferno Towers or Inferno Dragons.

Be sure to check out the following post about Golem Decks.

#3 – Royal Giant Elite Barbarian deck

Royal Giant Elite Barbarian deck

Considered one of the best Royal Giant decks, this fast cycle deck provides you with a strong defense and a great counter-attack.

Make sure to use your Fisherman in defense to prevent your Royal Giant to get hit by units like Mini Pekka, and also to defend properly by moving the troops around the Arena. Placed correctly, the Fisherman will help you to activate your King Tower, which will help you to defend easier the enemy’s attacks.

Also, here you’ll find some Mother Wich decks that might interest you.

#4 – Goblin Hut Furnace Elite Barbarian deck

Goblin Hut Furnace Elite Barbarian deck

Following with the TOP 4, we have a spawner-fireball bait deck that will make your enemies go crazy.

Apply constant pressure with the Furnace and Goblin Hut by chipping the opponent’s tower. They probably will use Fireball, Poison, or Lightning to eliminate your buildings, then it’s your time to use the Mother Witch or Flying Machine to punish it.

This deck has some issues with fast cycle decks that use the Earthquake spell, but the rest should be fine.

#5 – Goblin Giant Sparky Elite Barbarian deck

Goblin Giant Sparky Elite Barbarian deck

Considered one of the best Sparky decks, this Goblin Giant Elite barbarians deck is so powerful.

Using the Rage with Sparky or Elite Barbarians is a great offensive option and so complicated to defend.

Make sure to use Goblin Giant to kite enemy troops to the other lane while hitting them.

#6 – Elixir Golem Elite Barbarian deck

Elixir Golem Elite Barbarian deck

Another Elite Barbarians + Rage deck but in this case, we’re adding one of the most annoying cards in the game, Elixir Golem + Battle Healer combination.

Do not ever use your Elixir Golem if you don’t have the Battle Healer to support him, as it will die so easily and make your opponent win 4 Elixir.

Besides that, start your attacks on double elixir by using the Elixir Golem at the back and follow it with Battle Healer. If you cycle properly, you’ll be able to use another Elixir Golem at the bridge when the first arrives there.

Inferno Dragon is used to defend troops like Golem or Lava Hound. Also, all the cards provide a good counter-attack potential.

#7 – Mega Knight Miner Elite Barbarian deck

Mega Knight Miner Elite Barbarian deck

I do really like the combination of Miner + Wall Breakers, in this kind of deck or in cycle ones.

This deck has great defensive potential with Mega Knight + Inferno Dragon that both can be used as counter-attacks if they survive.

In single Elixir time use Miner and Wall breakers to attack, but the rest of the cards should be used as a defense, and do not overcommit with your elixir or you won’t be able to defend properly.

Be sure to check the following posts about Miner decks and Mega Knight decks.

#8 – Royal Recruits Goblin Drill Elite Barbarian deck

Royal Recruits Goblin Drill Elite Barbarian deck

This is a split damage deck thanks to Royal Recruits, Wall breakers, and Elite Barbarians. It’s a strange deck that is winning popularity thanks to the Goblin Drill.

As you might have noticed, this deck doesn’t use any spells so it will have problems dealing with Log Bait decks. Also, it has a lack of air defense, only Princess and Firecracker, which both die from Arrows or Fireball. Said that, if the opponent uses a Lava Hound, be sure to attack with everything you have to at least destroy one Tower.

#9 – Giant Skeleton Clone Elite Barbarian deck

Giant Skeleton Clone Elite Barbarian deck

Powerful Clone deck and adding Elite Barbarians to make your defensive potential even higher.

Use your Furnace to bait the enemy spell and then use your Mother Witch and Flying Machine. Also, if they use any spell, you are free to use your Clone Spell to punish your enemy.

#10 – Bridge Spam Elite Barbarian deck

Bridge Spam Elite Barbarian deck

A strong Bridge Spam deck with Elite Barbarians and Mother Witch but doesn’t have a strong spell.

It doesn’t have a clear win condition but you have Bandit and Royal Ghost to use on the bridge and Mother Witch, Cannon Cart, and Elite Barbarians to defend and apply pressure by counter-attacking.

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