Clash Royale: TOP 10 Fisherman decks – 2021

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Whether you are a new player or a well-experienced player, here are a lot of decks for you to play with!

The Fisherman is a defensive 3 elixir card that pulls out troops to himself, slows them for a certain amount of time, and starts slamming them with his fish.

The strongest point of this card is to activate King Tower by pulling troops like Hog Rider, Golem, etc. to himself and make them go to your King Tower. It also has the capability to make the troops change lanes and attack the other one.

It’s a high-skill card that requires a lot of practice to be successful, so be ready for it.

Top 10 Fisherman decks

In this TOP tier list, you’ll notice that there’s a lot of Royal Giant decks, that’s because Fisherman pairs so well with it because it pulls the ground troops away from it.

#1 – Royal Giant Lightning deck

This deck has a 3.6 elixir cost

Royal Giant Lightning deck

The strongest Fisherman deck and one of the strongest, if not the most, Royal Giant deck.

A quick cycle, good defense due to Fisherman and Dark Prince, and good counter-attack with Royal Giant, Mother Witch pigs plus surviving defensive troops.

Use the Lightning to destroy the defensive buildings and also whenever it gives you a positive elixir trade (two or three troops together that sum more than 6 Elixir). Try to not use it on a single elixir time to hit the turret and another troop if that one doesn’t cost at least 5 Elixir, and always if you’re able to kill it.

#2 – Royal Giant Mother Witch with fisherman deck

This deck has a 3.8 elixir cost

Royal Giant Mother Witch deck

Strong defensive deck due to Goblin Cage plus Fisherman, you have two options to defend against Hog Riders, Golems, Giants, etc.

Great counter-attack with Royal Giant, Mother Witch pigs plus surviving defensive troops.

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#3 – Royal Giant Hunter deck with fisherman

This deck has a 3.1 elixir cost

Royal Giant Hunter deck with fisherman

Used to be the best Royal Giant deck around, still very strong but not on having its best moments as it doesn’t have a proper defense for Goblin Drill (like Dark Prince, Valkyrie, or Bomber).

Superfast cycle, great defense due Fisherman plus Hunter combination, and great attack with Royal Giant. Be sure to heal up your troops with Heal Spirit and only use it when the opponent doesn’t have its Log/Arrows/Barbarian Barrel, as they kill the spirit instantly.

#4 – P.E.K.K.A. Ram Rider deck

This deck has a 4.1 elixir cost

P.E.K.K.A. Ram Rider deck

It’s considered one of the Ram Rider decks, with a powerful defense from all cards (including the Ram Rider) and even a stronger counter-attack.

A well-placed Ram Rider prevents a Hog Rider or Balloon to get a single hit on your tower, so make sure to place it correctly. Added to that, the Fisherman can also activate your King Tower which will help you to play even safer.

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#5 – Lavaloon Miner deck

This deck has a 3.9 elixir cost

Lavaloon Miner deck with fisherman

Considered the best Lava Loon deck right now, Fireball can be replaced by Arrows as well.

This deck is a version of a Lava Loon deck but changing the Fisherman for Skeletons to have a swarm unit and a faster cycle (also adding Arrows instead of Fireball). I really prefer this actual version with Fisherman because it provides a better defense against other Win conditions and also the possibility to activate the King Tower.

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#6 – Royal Giant Electro Wizard deck

This deck has a 3.8 elixir cost

Royal Giant Electro Wizard deck

It’s the same deck as the TOP 2 but adding the Electro Wizard instead of the Mother Witch to have a better defense and the stun-effect of Electro Wizard beams. The Log is used here instead of Barbarina Barrel, choose the one you prefer.

On the other side, erasing the Mother Witch from your deck decays the counter-attacking potential with the Pigs, but the Electro Wizard is also a great card if survives the defense.

#7 – Royal Hogs deck with fisherman

This deck has a 3.8 elixir cost

Royal Hogs deck with fisherman

Split-damage, good defense, super-powerful counter-attack, this deck has everything. The only problem with this deck is that you don’t have proper air defense. As soon as you see that the opponent uses its Lava Hound, you have to attack with everything, destroy one tower and then, if it ignores your attack, keep going to make a Three-crown victory.

You can add the Musketeer to have a better air defense and keep the Fireball bait element, but it won’t be as much success as it is with the Mother Witch.

#8 – Golem Night Witch deck

This deck has a 4.4 elixir cost

Golem Night Witch deck

Strong defense and a better counter-attack. This is an expensive Golem deck that shines in double and triple elixir.

You can’t afford to not activate your King Tower with this deck as you have the Fisherman and Tornado.

Play defensively the entire game, in double elixir time, you still have to play defensively and only use Golem if you see an open spot (if the opponent doesn’t have a way to punish you by using 8 elixir). If you reach the triple elixir time, the game is almost done, you just have to build a strong push to win the game.

Remember to use the Tornado offensively by gathering the troops together and make your splash units to kill them (also the Golem explosion).

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#9 – Mega Knight Goblin Drill deck

This deck has a 4.1 elixir cost

Mega Knight Goblin Drill deck

One of the actual strongest Mega Knight decks, with a great defense and even stronger counter-attack.

Mega Knight plus Inferno Dragon is one of the best defenses in the game, just make sure that the Inferno Dragon is well-placed and protected to stun effects like Electro Wizard beams.

Your win condition is the Goblin Drill, which is the strongest win condition in the game. Make sure to check out the following post about Goblin Drill decks.

#10 – Giant Skeleton deck

This deck has a 3.9 elixir cost

Giant Skeleton deck

A strange but effective deck, this Royal Giant deck is strong and popular.

It’s so unexpected to find this kind of deck so you’ll have this advantage. The Giant Skeleton has to tank for your Royal Giant to make the Bomb explode and destroy the defenses. Adding the earthquake you can easily destroy Teslas and Inferno Towers.

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