How to get to Arena 15, the Legendary Arena

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Here in this post, you’ll see the best tips to get to Legendary Arena, which is currently the Arena 15.

Many people are stuck in Serenity Peak, the Arena 14, as Supercell decided to increase the trophies to get to Legendary Arena from 4,000 to 5,000.

Keep reading to see the best tips to get to Legendary Arena.

Best Tips Getting to Legendary Arena (Arena 15)

TIP 1. Use a deck that fits your playstyle.

deck archetype

This is the most important thing in Clash Royale. Would you rather play a deck that you like or another one that is boring (from your point of view), even if it’s strong right now? You will play better if you use a deck that you like, trust me.

In order to see the decks that fit your playstyle, I’d recommend you to check the following post about Clash Royale Deck Archetypes.

TIP 2. Level up the cards that you pretend to use.

If you followed the first Tip, you should have decided on a deck archetype by now. Then, what you have to do is now is to level up the cards that fit that archetype:

  • If you decided to play Golem decks, it’s not logical to level up Spear Goblins, Ice Golem, Royal Recruits, Valkyrie, etc. as you need strong cards to build a strong attack in double or triple elixir. In this case, you should level up cards like Night Witch, Baby Dragon, Mini Pekka, Dark Prince, etc.
  • If you decided to play Hog Rider decks, you need to level up cards that cycle fast and have synergy with them, things like Goblins, Ice Spirit, Bats, Firecracker, Tesla, Cannon, etc. do not level up cards like Balloon, Night Witch, Baby Dragon, Witch, Prince, etc.
  • And a lot of examples more.

TIP 3. Use cards that COUNTER the meta of your Arena.

You need to know which are the most played cards in your Arena. For example, if you face a lot of Elite Barbarians, adding a Valkyrie or a Knight would be great. If you face a lot of PEKKA decks, adding a building like Inferno Tower and swarm units like Skeletons is a good option.

TIP 4. Watch TV Royale replays or Live Competitions

tv royale

Be sure to check out the TV Royale replays of Top Ladder players that use similar decks of yours or others that you might like and use.

Live Competitions are great, check out the Clash Royale League played each month, you can see it in your game, on News Royale, and then in the Esports window.

TIP 5. No Legendary cards are needed to succeed.

That’s a fact. There’s plenty of decks that don’t need a single Legendary Card and that are so powerful. Also, Epic cards are great but can be skipped too.

Be sure to check out the following post about the best free-to-play decks in Clash Royale.

TIP 6. Don’t play if you’re stressed or tilted.

This is one of the best tips, you’ll play so badly if you’re not concentrated fully on the game. Getting a losing strike is so stressed and the best thing you can do is to avoid playing, go for a walk, just do something different and return stronger.

You can also play some 2v2 games with your friends to disconnect, so check out the following post about the best 2v2 decks.

TIP 7. Try not to change the deck you use often.

Tilting tempts you to change your deck, that’s a bad idea. Even you face counters, you’ll face them with the new deck you use as well. Also, maybe the level of that deck cards is not higher enough to play with it, and it won’t be worth the investment.

I’d recommend you to change your deck when you notice that it’s not working, this would mean that your deck is not good, maybe you have cards that don’t match with each other, that doesn’t have synergy… to do that, be sure to check the following post about How to build your own deck.

TIP 8. Play with your volume up.

Try to avoid playing with volume down, you need to hear all the interactions, and some of them are important to hear and your eyes can’t be everywhere.

Also, there’s a play that uses Rocket and Goblin Barrel at the same time to block for the Goblin Barrel and make it “invisible”. If you don’t see it properly, at least hearing it will prevent you to avoid taking more damage than necessary.

TIP 9. Pass Royale is your best option

Royale pass

This is a good tip, Pass Royale gives you A LOT: gold, infinite tries on special challenges, chests, magic items, and more.

I know that the majority of players won’t buy it but if you’re able to, do not hesitate on doing it as it’s so much rewarding. Also, do not forget to support your favorite Content Creator by using its code (SirTag, Oj, Shane, Brad, Beniju, iamJP, etc.).

TIP 10. Check out these Twitter accounts to see good decks.

Here I’m showing you two Twitter accounts that will show you the best decks for Clash Royale:

  • RoyalePros (Team CMC Bot): 12 win Grand Challenge decks and some replays. Check it out here.
  • Bloodeye Games: the best ladder decks played by the top players, showing how many trophies they won using that deck. Check it out here.

Also, you can check our post about the best decks for Arena 14 that will help you to get to Legendary Arena. Apart from those, here are some other decks for you:

Lava Hound deck

Lava Hound deck clash royale

Royal Hogs deck

Royal Hogs deck clash royale

Royal Giant deck

Royal Giant deck clash royale

Once you get to Legendary Arena (I’m sure you will), check out our following post about the Best Arena 15 decks in Clash Royale.

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