The Best Giant Skeleton Decks

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November 13, 2021

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The Giant Skeleton is an Epic card that costs 6 Elixir. It’s a Tank that drops a Giant Bomb which deals a lot of damage when it explodes. used to stop strong attacks from the enemy.

This card has been one of the most controversial cards in Clash Royale as it’s been one of the best cards at some points and also one of the worst.

Keep reading to see the Top 5 Giant Skeleton Decks and how to use them.

Giant Skeleton Deck – TOP 5

Right now Giant Skeleton is not in its best position as it’s not played so much. Even that, here are some strong decks that you can still play and be successful with.

#1 – Giant Skeleton Hog Rider

Giant Skeleton Hog Rider

This deck was created by Denisitoprox, he finished top 18 in the World so this deck is pretty good. It’s quite simple to play but in my opinion, it doesn’t have a solid air defense as it only has the Wizard in a combination with the Tornado. Also, the Bomb of Giant Skeleton could help to defend air troops.

Besides that, it’s a simple deck using Hog Rider as your win condition.

In this case, the importance of the Tornado is very high because it’s needed to defend the enemy’s attack with the Bomb. You can also play it offensively on some occasions, i.e. you’re making an attack with Giant Skeleton and they use a Mini Tank like Knight to defend it, you can Tornado the Knight to the tower and then the Giant Skeleton will follow him, making the Bomb explode at the Tower.

#2 – Giant Skeleton RG Mother Witch Bait

Giant Skeleton RG Mother Witch Bait

This Royal Giant deck is so powerful right now due to Mother Witch meta and Bomber. It’s considered a meta-depending deck.

It’s a Spell Bait deck in which you’ll force the enemy to use Fireball on your Mother Witch or Zappies and a small spell on Goblin Barrel, Bomber, or Skeleton Army. Once they use it, you just have to punish that by making a push or executing a good defense.

The Giant Skeleton should go in front of the Royal Giant on your attacks so be sure to start your push from behind.

#3 – Giant Skeleton Royal Giant Fisherman

Giant Skeleton Royal Giant Fisherman

I really like this deck due to the combination of Fisherman + Hunter. You can easily kill troops with that two cards.

It has a fast cycle even if the deck uses 2 cards of 6 Elixir. Use the Royal Giant behind the Giant Skeleton to maximize your offense. Also, the Fisherman can pull out the defensive troops like P.E.K.K.A. from the Royal Giant, so be prepared to use it.

The Electro Spirit could be swapped with Heal Spirit.

#4 – Giant Skeleton Miner Balloon

Giant Skeleton Miner Balloon

This deck is a simple Miner Balloon deck with really good defense thanks to Tesla and Ice Wizard + Tornado combo.

Be sure to use the Giant Skeleton in defense to tank for your opponent’s troops while Tesla is defending. Then, if the Giant Skeleton survives, you can make a strong counter-attack with Balloon and Miner.

You can swap your Tesla for a Bomb Tower and Fireball for Baby Dragon to make a strong deck with a lot of AoE damage but no big spell.

5. Giant Skeleton Clone

Giant Skeleton Clone

Pretty solid defense and a strong attack. Make sure to clone Skeleton Barrel and Giant Skeleton, the double Bomb is so deadly.

This deck is easy to play and doesn’t require much skill. It’s a Spell Bait deck so be sure to make your opponent use its spells and then punish it with the Clone.

In order to succeed, defend, and then counterattack, do not start the attack if you don’t have a huge elixir advantage.

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