Giant’s Deck with Bombastic Balloon

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September 2, 2023

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mazo con gigante y globo bombastico

In Clash Royale you can find strong decks, but you will hardly find a combination like this one. Thanks to the defense provided by the Giant and the attack power of the Bombastic Balloon, you can destroy the enemy tower in a matter of seconds.

Incredible deck with Giant and Bombastic Balloon



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  • The advantages of this deck are mainly the ease with which it can be performed. Simply place the Giant behind the king’s tower and when it is reaching the bridge, place the Bombastic Balloon on the field, the power of both is devastating.
  • With good coordination you can cycle it and get at least two giants at once.
  • It is effective both by land and by air.
  • You can play it perfectly without legendary cards


  • The deck can be somewhat expensive in elixir.
  • This type of decks fails quite a bit in defense, it is all or nothing in your attacks.

Why does this deck with Balloon and Giant never fail?

As you can see, the advantages are much greater than the disadvantages, it offers a good attack and compensates with low-cost units for its defense. Another key point to surprise the enemy is the ice. Never use it to defend, always so that the Bombastic Balloon ends up reaching the enemy tower.

Also, now with the nerf to the Elixir Collector, it gains quite a bit of power because it does not have any spell strong enough to finish off the collectors.

Enjoy this deck with Balloon as much as you can to move up in cups quickly.

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