TOP 10 Goblin Drill Decks

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November 13, 2021

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Here in this post, you will find a lot of Goblin Drill decks for you to play with! Be ready to dominate the Arena and win trophies easily.

The Goblin Drill is an Epic Card that costs 4 Elixir and can be obtained in the Rascal’s Hideout (Arena 13). It’s considered one of the best Win Conditions in the Game so I’d recommend you to keep reading and choose your favorite Goblin Drill deck.

Top 10 Goblin Drill decks

#1 – Goblin Drill Wall Breakers cycle

Goblin Drill Wall Breakers cycle

This deck has a 2.8 Elixir cost. This super-fast cycle deck consists of constant pressure with your Goblin Drill and Wall Breakers.

Versus air decks with Balloon is so important to activate your King Tower. To do that, you need to use your Tesla in the middle of the arena and then the Goblin Drill in front of your King Tower. This will help you out a lot to defend against future attacks from your opponent.

Besides this, the deck is simple: cycle fast and apply pressure.

The hardest matchups for this deck are Beatdown Decks with Golem or Lava Hound.

#2 – Bridge Spam with Goblin Drill

Bridge Spam with Goblin Drill

This deck has a 3.8 Elixir cost. This is a Bridge Spam deck using Cannon Cart to defend and counter-push.

Mother Witch gives this deck a Fireball Bait element, which is always good to have.

Be ready to spam your troops at the bridge once your defensive cards survive the attacks. Bandit and Dark Prince can be thrown at the bridge, but not recommended on single elixir time.

You can swap the Goblin Drill for Ram Rider or Battle Ram.

#3 – Goblin Drill cycle with Firecracker

Goblin Drill cycle with Firecracker

This deck has a 2.9 Elixir cost. Also a fast cycle deck like the TOP 1 but using the Goblin Drill as your only win condition.

It has a better air defense thanks to the Firecracker, but also make sure to activate your King Tower whenever it’s possible.

Goblin Drill + Fire Spirit is a good and cheap push because Fire Spirit deals a lot of damage for 1 elixir, even this card is mainly used in defense.

#4 –  Goblin Drill Wall Breakers with Magic Archer

Goblin Drill Wall Breakers with Magic Archer

This deck has a 3.1 Elixir cost. Another fast cycle deck with Goblin Drill and Wall Breakers as your win conditions.

In this case, you have the Magic Archer as your main Air defense paired with Tesla. The Tornado is so powerful combined with Magic Archer as you can gather all troops together and deal massive damage. Also, you can use the Tornado on your opponent’s Tower and make the Magic Archer attack it while dealing damage to the troops.

You can change Magic Archer for Firecracker if you don’t have it at a high level, making the deck a 3.0 Elixir cost.

#5 – Goblin Drill Wall Breakers with Mega Knight

Goblin Drill Wall Breakers with Mega Knight

This deck has a 3.1 Elixir cost. Fast cycle for being a Mega Knight deck, as this card costs 7 Elixir.

You have to apply constant pressure with this deck because you don’t have the best defense in the world. As soon as the opponent uses its tank behind the King Tower, punish the other lane with everything you have, forcing it to defend or lose the game.

Your attacks are based on Goblin Drill or Wall Breakers by themselves, or both used at the same time. You can also use the Bandit as an offensive tool.

#6 – PEKKA Bridge Spam with Goblin Drill

PEKKA Bridge Spam with Goblin Drill

This deck has a 3.9 Elixir cost. The Classic deck Pekka Bridge Spam, but using Goblin Drill instead of Battle Ram.

I personally still prefer the classic one but this deck has proven to be as much viable as the other one, so be sure to try it out.

The difference is that you won’t be able to start a push from behind with your Battle Ram, but you can win a building if it’s needed on defense.

Do not start a slow-push in single elixir time with your Pekka from behind, the only moment you can do that is when you have a huge elixir advantage and your opponent doesn’t have its win condition in hand to punish you.

#7 – Goblin Drill Wall Breakers with Mega Knight and Prince

Goblin Drill Wall Breakers with Mega Knight and Prince

This deck has a 3.6 Elixir cost. Great deck with solid defense due to Prince, Musketeer, and Mega Knight, and strong counter-push with Wall Breakers and Goblin Drill.

This deck is played with Miner and Bandit instead of Goblin Drill and Prince and is also so viable, try it out if you have both cards at a decent level.

The hardest decks would be Lava Hound decks because Bats and Musketeer are easy to kill, but you just have to go All-In on the other side when the opponent places its Lava Hound in the back.

Check out the following post about Prince Decks in Clash Royale.

#8 – Goblin Drill Royal Recruits with Mother Witch

Goblin Drill Royal Recruits with Mother Witch

This deck has a 4.0 Elixir cost. This is a Split Damage deck, you can apply pressure on both sides due to Royal Recruits and Zappies.

It’s a pretty high-elixir cost deck so be sure to not overcommit in your attacks or you’ll have a hard time defending.

This is a powerful deck with great defensive units. Be sure to counter-attack if you have an elixir advantage.

You can swap Goblin Drill for Royal Hogs and this deck will be fine as well.

#9 – Golem Goblin Drill deck

Golem Goblin Drill deck

This deck has a 3.8 Elixir cost. It’s a cheap deck for being a Golem deck, which usually costs more than 4.0 elixir.

I usually don’t recommend starting with Golem first place but it’s always good to know the enemy’s defenses so you can try it out. You also can start with the Goblin Drill.

In this deck, the Goblin Drill will be used as a second win condition once the Golem crosses the bridge, as the Golem and Golemites will tank for it, but you’ll use it a lot in defense as well.

#10 – Goblin Drill Spell bait with Mega Knight

Goblin Drill Spell bait with Mega Knight

This deck has a 3.4 Elixir cost. This is one of the best Spell bait decks but instead of Goblin Drill, it uses the Miner.

With the addition of the Goblin Drill, this deck has now more Spell Bait elements, because it can be defended using The Log, Arrows, Barbarian Barrel, etc. right before the three Goblins appear.

Use your Skeleton Barrel by itself, Goblin Barrel as well, or combine them to make a strong combo.

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