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November 21, 2021

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The Arena 14, Serenity Peak, is one of the two new arenas that Supercell introduced in June 2021. The other arena is the 13th, the Rascal’s Hideout.

This arena can be reached by obtaining 4600 trophies.

Keep reading to see the new cards unlocked on Serenity Peak and the best decks of this Arena that will help you reach the Legendary Arena.

New Cards of Arena 14

Before continuing with the decks, let me show you which cards can be obtainable by getting into this Arena 13:

  • Firecracker
  • Barbarian Hut
  • Elixir Golem
  • Rage Spell
  • Executioner
  • Night Witch
  • Lumberjack

In this arena, you unlock two legendaries that are used in a lot of Golem decks.

The Best decks for Arena 14 working

Here are the TOP 3 decks for Arena 14 in Clash Royale, with a brief explanation of how to play them and succeed.

#1 – Hog Rider Firecracker deck

Hog Rider Firecracker deck

This deck has a fast cycle and powerful defense. As you might see, there’s no big spell on it like Fireball or Lightning, but Earthquake.

In the first stages of the game, you should use your Hog Rider as a main attack resource but later on, you’ll see that it’s not needed as much as you think and you can cycle Earthquake to the enemy’s tower to claim the victory.

Tesla and Firecracker cover your air defense, which you normally don’t have that much on Hog Rider cycle decks.

The Log can be changed for Snowball and Ice Spirit for Fire or Electro Spirit.

#2 – Golem Night Witch deck

Golem Night Witch deck

Cheaper than normal Golem decks, but effective as well. Don’t be afraid of using Golem as the first play if you have Night Witch in hand, you will certainly destroy your opponent’s tower.

Besides this, the deck has good ground defense but a lack of air defense. If the enemy uses Lava Hound, be sure to use Night Witch in the back on the same lane so the bats will help you defend.

#3 – Log Bait with Prince deck

Log Bait with Prince deck clash royale

This deck has been around the game for a very long time. It’s an expensive deck for being a Log Bait (3.8 Elixir cost) but has much power as the other Log bait decks.

Great defense with Prince and Rascals, and so many bait cards. Your main win-condition is Goblin Barrel but The Princess is the key to victory: the more Princess on the arena, the better.

Use Rocket on defense, to take value from troops used on the tower, or finish the game by cycling.

What should you keep in mind for this Arena 14?

You’ll face over-level players for sure, be ready for that.

Also, you’ll find so many strange decks that will frustrate you because they make no sense, but don’t be afraid.

A lot of Elite Barbarians you’ll face, make sure you have the right answer for that card.

Tips to get to Arena 15 (Legendary Arena)

  • Use a deck that suits your playstyle. Be sure to check the post of All deck archetypes to find the one that fits your gameplay.
  • Do not use under-leveled cards. Yes, I know you like the Legendary card that you just unlocked, but do not use it if it’s not on the same level as your other cards.
  • As I above-mentioned, be ready to use cards to defend popular cards of your arena, aka Elite Barbarians.
  • Use a couple of decks, not more. Make sure you dominate two decks, know how to defend against a certain card, how to attack, etc. This will make you progress and reach the Legendary Arena.

More useful decks for Arena 14

Royal Hogs deck arena 14

Royal Hogs deck arena 14

Pekka Bridge Spam deck for arena 14

Pekka Bridge Spam deck for arena 14

Ram Rider Bridge Spam deck

Ram Rider Bridge Spam deck

Goblin Giant Sparky Rage deck

Goblin Giant Sparky Rage deck

Lavaloon Miner deck

Lavaloon Miner deck arena 14

Goblin Giant Double Prince deck

Goblin Giant Double Prince deck arena 14

More decks that may interest you

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