The 6 strongest decks with legendary cards

Post updated: February 28, 2022 Do you have all the legendary cards and want to know decks that work very well with these cards? In this post we leave you the 6 best decks that are currently working very well in this metagame.

The 6 best decks with legendary cards

#1 – Mortar and zap bait gang

mortar and pestle deck with zap bait gang

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This deck is currently one of the best in the metagame basically because they are cards that cycle very fast and what they do is to bait the enemy zap to be able to attack with the Goblins/Mortar/Skeleton barrel gang. Really the legendary card here is The Log, which does a very good job of clearing the way for enemy cards that go straight for the Mortar.

You will see that in this Deck the win condition card is the Mortar and the great part of the strategy should be played around this card. This deck unlike Beatdowns which are geared towards making a very strong attack is more geared towardsdoing damage little by little. With the Knight and Musketeer on defense, you will have no problem defending against any threat, you can even use the Mortar in case things get ugly.

#2 – Lavaloon and Skeleton Dragons

lavaloon and dragons

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The strategy with this deck is based on the main card the Balloon and Lava Hound but that’s not all, the potential is in that all the damage comes from the air and with extra area damage, making enemies have to resort to defensive cards with anti-air damage.

The Lava Hound, which is the legendary card, is essential to block all the damage from the path and make way for the Skeleton Dragons and the Balloon to finish off the enemy defense.

It’s a deck that is working very well in high arenas so we highly recommend it.

#3 – Golden Knight and poison cycling with Miner

mallet with golden knight

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This deck includes up to champions the Golden Knight along with 2 legendary cards that combine perfectly The log and the Miner.

The main strategy with this deck is to use the Miner as the main source of damage while accompanying it with the Poison, this will make all enemy defense units with a low life like a minion horde or skeleton army will fall without being able to do damage to the Miner, in addition to adding the damage done by the Poison. The golden knight can bring a lot to the deck with the great damage it has, but you must be careful with units with explosive damage such as elite Barbarians or Mini Pekka.

The royal Delivery, the golden knight, bats along with the tesla tower will help you keep the enemy’s offensive out of your tower.

#4 – PEKKA Bridge spam

pekka bridge spam deck with 3 legendary

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A classic full of legendary cards specifically 3; the Bandida, the Royal Ghost, and the Electro Wizard, these three cards are very interesting both in defense and attack.

The strategy of this deck as its name suggests consists of making constant attacks around the bridge so that the enemy has less reaction time. This deck has a lot of damage thanks to the PEKKA, Bandit, and Battle Ram, the latter two being difficult to defend if you do not react quickly.

This deck like the others is being very effective in high arenas.

#5 – Classic Lavaloon

lavaloon classic

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Never played Lavaloon before? Well, this deck is a classic for the rise of trophies, the potential is in the incredible combination of the Lava Hound the legendary card, and the Balloon which being aerial are difficult to stop, plus they only attack structures.

If you get the Bombastic Balloon to hit the princess tower it will do huge damage, if you get it to hit more than twice you will have half a game done.

We recommend this deck for the rise of trophies.

#6 – Lumberjack and Goblin Cage

sledgehammer with lumberjack and strongman elf

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Finally, we have this deck with the Lumberjack that not for being the last of this list is the worst. The synergy between the Balloon and the Lumberjack is very good because the Lumberjack when dying leaves the fury spell for the Bombastic Balloon to quickly reach the enemy tower. The Goblin cage is very interesting to add in the rotation because apart from defense, it also gives you a lot of damage if we combine it with the Lumberjack. The other cards will be used 100% for defense.