The Hog Quake deck, an incredible deck!

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hog quake deck

Are you looking for the deck that is destroying in high arenas and that is proving to be a very interesting deck to raise trophies? In this post, you will be able to copy it directly to your deck and get the most out of it. Let’s take a look at this deck with Hog and earthquake.

The fast-cycling deck of Hog Rider and Earthquake

dumbwaiter cycling with earthquake

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The cards that make up this deck are:

  • Hog rider
  • Earthquake
  • Archers (Can be swapped out for Firecracker or Musketeer)
  • Skeletons
  • Valkyrie
  • Infernal tower
  • Barbarrel of barbarians
  • Snowball (You can exchange it for the Zap)

The main card of this deck is the Hog Rider and the Earthquake because together they make a very good combination. If you don’t know, Earthquake is very effective against structures, which is precisely the weak point of the Hog. Just like the Hog 2.6 with this Deck is to cycle the Hog Rider and support it with Earthquake to quickly take down structures.

This deck does not have any legendary cards so it is a deck for everyone.

The strategy to follow with this deck

This deck only consists of 2 offensive cards which are the Earthquake and the Hog, the goal is to launch this combination as many times as you can to create huge damage to the enemy tower.

The other cards will serve you to defend against any attack and create a counterattack with the Hog Rider.

On attack

Undoubtedly the goal is to cycle as quickly as possible the Hog Rider and the Earthquake. The Hog Rider with the speed it has will quickly impact the first enemy structure and for that, the enemy will have to respond quickly with a structure or a higher elixir card as it usually happens, otherwise, it is very likely to take damage. If you add to that the earthquake you will be able to make a greater impact on the enemy tower.

In defense

Defense is the strong point of this deck, you have the Archers, the Infernal Tower to avoid aerial enemies. For area damage, you have the Snowball, the Barbarian Barrel, and the Valkyrie, to distract enemies you have the Skeleton and the Barbarian Barrel.

As you can see, defensively it has many strong points, 1 structure, 2 anti-air, area damage, cards to attract enemies… For this reason, this deck is so interesting.

Other decks Hog Quake

Quick cycling of Hog Rider with Earthquake and Mortar

rapid cycling with dumbwaiter and mortar

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2.6 Hog Rider and Earthquake

rapid cycling 2.6 with dumbwaiter and earthquake

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Hog Rider and Earthquake Deck with Magic Archer 2.8

dumbbells and earthquake with magic archer

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What did you think of this deck with the Hog Rider and the Earthquake? Leave your comment in the comment box.

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