How to level up quickly in clash royale?

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If you came to this post to find the best secrets to level up your king level faster, you just found the perfect post for you.

The best way to level up in Clash Royale is by leveling up cards and here we will show you all the tips to level up even faster in Clash Royale and how to do it.

Gold is very important to level up fast

In Clash Royale you will increase the experience of your bar whenever you level up a card and for this, you will need cards and gold. As you level up cards you will see that the most difficult thing is to have gold in the account to be able to level up cards. For this reason, we recommend that you save as much gold as possible and get as much as you can every day because at higher levels you will need a lot.

How can you earn more gold?

If you want to earn more gold we made an extensive guide on how to earn more gold in Clash Royale but stay if you want us to summarize this entire post, these are the key points.

  1. Play daily and get as much gold as you can on the ladder. Remember that you will get gold for every win.
  2. In Legendary Arena, you will get more gold for the chests so the sooner you climb up to Legendary Arena, the faster you will be able to get your hands on a large amount of gold.
  3. The gold chests are a great source of gold, they give more than the normal ones. We recommend that during the day you open the smaller chests and when you go to sleep, open the chests that need more time.
  4. Access an active clan and donate as much as you can. You’ll get experience and gold, but you have to be consistent to climb even faster.
  5. Take advantage of the weekly challenges to play and earn even more gold, there are challenges where you will earn a lot of gold and you have to take advantage of it.
  6. The clan wars are another great source of gold that can give you up to 5,000 gold coins if you win all your games.
  7. When you have a card at maximum level and you can’t get any more cards, you will get gold for each card obtained in a chest.
  8. With tokens at maximum if you get more you will get gold instead.

Leveling up the cards

card levels in clash royale

Alright, you have all the tips to get much more gold, now you need cards to level them up to the max. Remember that raising a card from 13 to 14 will give you 1,600 experience points and this helps a lot when raising the level of the king in Clash Royale. We leave you tips on how to level up cards.

  1. The Books of cards is your greatest friend, but use it only to level up a card from 13 to 14 and when you have not obtained any card yet, you get the maximum potential of this feature of Clash Royale.
  2. The classic challenges and the grand challenge are a good source of gold and cards, use the gems only on this. Enter here when you have a certain level because you will have to win as many games as possible. You have a post where we show you how to earn gems in Clash Royale for free.
  3. The trader can help you to trade cards that you are about to level up, checking it whenever you need it can give you a good boost in your cards.
  4. The Pass Royale will give you tokens, gold, gems, and wildcards that will help you to further increase the number of cards in your inventory, if you can get your hands on one by paying a little money, we recommend you do so.

How much does it cost to level up in Clash Royale?

We show you with a graph all the Experience points you will need to go up from level 1 to level 14. If you want to max an account from level 13 to 14 you will need 80,000 experience points.

King level Total experience Experience needed for each level
1 0 0
2 20 20
3 70 50
4 170 100
5 370 200
6 770 400
7 1,770 1,000
8 3,770 2,000
9 8,770 5,000
10 18,770 10,000
11 38,770 20,000
12 73,770 35,000
13 123,770 50,000
14 203,770 80,000

As a final tip, remember that there is no hack or any app that will make you level up fast, you will only do it by uploading cards and with some actions like donating cards, nothing else.

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