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September 24, 2021

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If you’re here I suppose that you are stuck in the same arena over and over again. I feel you, we have all been there. But today you’ll learn how to get out of there and start pushing trophies again and also, I’ll provide you with some decks that will make you climb Ladder and be a better player.


Tips for Trophy Pushing

  • Play the same archetype of decks. In Clash Royale there are many different deck archetypes. First of all, you have to find out what your favorite playstyle is. Once you know this, you have to play at most two different decks, but master them 100%.
  • DO NOT LEVEL UP ALL THE CARDS. Please don’t do it. Focus only on cards that go well with your deck archetype. Are you a Hog Rider player? Level up cards go well with it and help cycle fast (e.g. Knight, Archers, Musketeers, Bats, Goblins). Or maybe you are a Giant player? Then you should upgrade cards like Wizard, Mega Minion, Mini Pekka, Prince, etc.
  • Learn about the meta. Supercell buffs and nerfs cards to balance the game, take a look at those changes, and adapt to them. Use the cards that are good on the meta and you have at a decent level.
  • Watch your replays. It truly helps to see where you failed, where you misclicked, you need to learn from your mistakes so you don’t make them again. You can always check TV Royale replays as well to see how the best players play.
  • Try to not tilt. This game is so frustrating sometimes, you face very strange decks that you are not prepared for and you will end up losing to them. Don’t let this put you off. If you’re having a losing streak, take a break for a while. This will help you come back stronger and face your opponents.
  • Max out your cards. It’s easy to say but hard to do but, Ladder is full of maxed players that pay a lot to level up their cards. If you’re a f2p “(Free-to-play) player, try to focus on decks that don’t use Legendary or Epic cards. Of course, you can use them, but I’d recommend you to use one or two as the maximum because those cards are more complicated to level up.
  • Watch live competitions. There are online tournaments like Clash Royale League or No-Tilt where the best players compete. Do not hesitate to watch them to learn from the bests.
  • Enjoy the game. We all know that this game can bring out the worst in us, but few know that it also brings out the best in us. Enjoy all its facets, Ladder, Clan Wars, Global Tournaments, play with your friends, and a long etcetera.

These are the best tips I can provide you based on my 5-year experience playing this game. I hope this will help you to unstuck from your league and start winning trophies again.

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