How to get free gems in Clash Royale? Legal Methods

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how to win free gems at clash royale

Gamers who spend hours of their lives in front of their cell phones to collect cards and defend towers in Clash Royale can find themselves with the advantage of obtaining gems, chests, and gold to defeat the most dangerous enemies without resorting to real money through Paypal or credit cards.

For you, there are tricks and legal and safe apps that will allow you to earn a positive balance in search of new battles. It’s time to show you the way in order to find coins.

Methods to obtain free gems in Clash Royale

Apart from the hours needed to advance in this online adventure, gems are also required. This video game, like so many others, offers the possibility of buying with real money, but if you don’t want to take out your wallet, you must take advantage of the game’s mechanisms such as donating cards and using special apps.

Apps that will allow you to earn Gems

Like other titles, secure apps have been designed in the gaming community and are available on Android and iPhone to accomplish tasks and win. These are the most recommended.

#1 – Gamehag

Some of them are Gamehag, which offers you small missions in exchange for money exchangeable with Play Store cards. These activities can range from downloading other game apps, inviting friends, leveling up, and trying new titles.

#2 – Google Opinion Rewards

google opinion rewards

One of the most popular at the moment is Google Opinion Rewards, thanks to its facility to accumulate real euros after answering surveys about places of interest in your city. When you reach a limit, your Google Play balance will be transferred directly to your personal Clash Royale account.

Installing it is very simple. You just need to activate Google’s Location History and its “Your Timeline” feature. Every time you pass a store with a survey, your mobile will notify you to complete it. If you can change your route, look for new stores and you will have more chances to win.

It is an application made by Google so it is totally safe.

#3 – AppKarma

Other apps that will give you earnings are like AppKarma, which offers real money in exchange for time to try new games, level up in a particular adventure and, of course, make exchanges with other users.

Finally, Google Play cards have become an excellent alternative, especially for users who are wary of handing over their credit card details to an unknown app. Many of these cards you can get them from other methods such as watching direct from YouTubers who give out this type of cards.

The legal methods that exist for playing Clash Royale

The game invites you to overcome your enemies in battles with the help of gold and chests, but to open them you need to have gems. To earn them, you can donate to the members of your own clan decks and for each of them, they will give you gold. In fact, at the very instant you join a group, you will receive 100 coins.

Those who know the Clash universe know that you can exchange common and special cards. The former gives 5 gold coins and 1 experience point and the latter gives 50 coins and 10 points, according to the arena.

donating cards at clash royale

From Arena 1 to 9, you must give the same number of common cards as the value of the arena plus one special card. For example, in arena 6, you can be given 6 decks.

The amount of gold and rare cards will also vary. In Goblin Stadium it is possible to get up to 80 gold coins and a rare deck, while in the most advanced arena, the Legendary Arena, you can get up to 30,438 coins and 3 special cards.

In order to advance, you must develop your ability to create attack and defense strategies to win in the arenas. For each victory, you will win a chest, which will be giant, gold, silver, or magic according to the cycle you are in. These will sometimes drop gems for you.

However, as an obstacle, each gamer only has 4 chest slots with a timer that notifies you when you can open them.

In this type of strategy title, you need a clear method, save your valuable items and really take advantage of them when you need them to defeat your enemies with cards. Consider that the first levels happen quickly, wait for the time to open chests without the need to consume the gems to do so.

That is to say, a skilled player must be patient or circumvent several possibilities to obtain gems in other ways without incurring unsafe hacks.

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