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The Ice Wizard is no longer the worst legendary card in the game thanks to the balance changes introduced in August 2017. In fact, it has become a highly viable and very effective card in many varied decks.

We are going to leave you with 3 decks with the Ice Wizard that are very good for the rise of cups.

Best decks with the ice wizard at the moment

Fast cycling with Ice Wizard

rapid cycling of ice mage

TOP trophy push with the ice wizard

TOP trophy push with the ice wizard

Deck with ice wizard and princess

Deck with ice wizard and princess

Analysis of the Ice Wizard

The Ice Wizard is a very strong defensive unit that, thanks to its slowdown, is able to obtain a very significant value in terms of elixir. It is able to stop a Barbarians or a Horde of Minions with the help of the tower.


  • High attack speed and movement speed.
  • Eliminates Skeletons and Bats with ease.
  • If it survives it can generate a counterattack.
  • It only costs 3 Elixir, so it is difficult to lose Elixir when using it.
  • An excellent card to defend


  • Weak to spells like Lightning, Rocket, Poison, or Fireball
  • It doesn’t have very high damage, so you should always accompany it with other units.
  • Being a legendary card, it is difficult to level up.

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