How to improve and win your games in Clash Royale

Post updated: March 12, 2022

As a Clash Royale player, it is normal to stagnate in certain arenas because the level goes up and up, as you raise your cups, players know how to play the game much better, that is where you must detect your weakest points and improve them. In this post we want a series of guidelines to improve your style of play, the levels of the game, and learn to get the most out of the game.

Tips to improve in Clash Royale

If you are a relatively new player you will surely find that it is very difficult to keep progressing in cups and probably frustrate you enough to keep playing, for this reason, we have listed a few tips that will make you get to improve thus win your games.

#1 – Choose a competitive deck for trophies progression

The deck is key in the rise of trophies is obvious, there are many decks that work and others that stop working, it all depends on the arena in which you are. In each arena, many new cards come into play that you will have to unlock and it may be that at the lowest level they do not work for you. We always recommend that you use the highest-level cards and combine them with very strong decks. You have a guide with the best Clash Royale decks we made for each player to see the decks of your arena.

There are many different types of decks such as:

Learn how to use a deck type and perfectly master each card it uses so you know how to counter enemies. For example, the Log bait deck is one of the best decks for the rise of cups.

log Bait classic

Copy the Log bait classic deck here >>

#2 – Learn how to maximize the level of your cards and player

Another point why you get stuck maybe because your cards or your player level have become low level.

The players with higher player levels usually win games because they have the towers with more health and higher damage. Higher-level cards also deal more damage and resist more, so it’s a very good idea to progress in this regard.

There are many ways to get level up faster, precisely we have a guide on how to level up player for you to boost this aspect, but without gold, you get nowhere, so we also have the guide on how to earn gold faster in Clash Royale.

We made a guide that can help you on how to earn.

#3 – Follow the most popular Clash Royale youtubers and streamers

Without a doubt, one of the ways to learn is by watching how experienced players play. A great example is Beniju with his didactic streams of high cups.

You will learn a lot if you follow these YouTubers and their respective streams because they are usually very didactic, plus they are always showing new decks so you can get ideas for yours.

What do you think of these quick tips to improve and win your games in Clash Royale?

You can see the Clash Royale tips post we made to get even more inspiration.