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lavafreeze deck how it works

Meet the Lava Hound Deck with Freeze, also called “LavaFreeze Deck”. This is a deck that usually the enemy does not expect at all to the strong attack combined with Ice. Let’s see how you can play this deck and get the most out of it.

How to play the Freeze with Lava Hound Deck

lavafreeze deck

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The main strategy with this deck is the offensive power granted by Lava Hound + Balloon + Freeze because unlike the typical Lavaloon deck this one has the surprise facto that is Freeze, granting you a 4-second enemy freeze, this is usually very interesting to stop the enemy cards it throws to defend your attack from the Balloon + Lava Hound.

On attack

Our main goal is to have enough elixir to combine Lava Hound, Balloon, and Freeze, a total of 16 Elixir. Freeze should be used just when the enemy casts defense to stop the lava hound and the bombastic balloon, it’s those 4 seconds that Freeze gives you so the balloon can hit up to 2 times. This deck is very similar to the Beatdown but this time you have the surprise factor of Freeze.

This deck is very effective against decks that have a very weak anti-air defense, so don’t hesitate to use Freeze against units that can attack the air.

On defense

Don’t use Freeze in defense unless it is very key and can allow you to win the game because it is much more useful in attack, also don’t use Balloon and Lava Hound for defense because they are not useful at all.

You have the infernal tower, the Minions, Mega Minions, and the goblin gang to defend you from any attack. Take advantage of the units you have free after the defense to create an even stronger counterattack.

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