The Best Decks with Lumberjack

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November 13, 2021

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The Lumberjack is a Legendary card that costs 4 Elixir and can be unlocked from Serenity Peak (Arena 14). It is a unique card as it drops a Rage Spell once he dies, causing the surrounding troops to have the Rage effect for a period of time (depending on the level of the Lumberjack).

As have shown in the post of The Best Legendary Cards, the Lumberjack is not on the top 10 legendary cards but it’s a key factor to some specific decks. Keep reading to see more about this card and how to get the most of it.

Top 10 Best Decks with Lumberjack

Here are the best decks with Lumberjack in Clash Royale, and now I will briefly show you how to play them and be successful with them.

#1 Balloon Freeze Splash

Balloon Freeze Splash

The combination of Splash Damage made by Baby Dragon and Bowler, and also adding the Inferno Dragon to kill all tank units, makes this deck so powerful defensively speaking. Despite that. the deck is not complicated to play. You just have to defend and play Balloon whenever you have an elixir advantage. You can combine it with the Lumberjack to make a strong push.

Advice: do not abuse of Freeze spell, use it when you know that you’ll be getting more than one hit with the Balloon. Also, using defensive Freeze is a good choice.

#2 – P.E.K.K.A. Balloon Freeze

P.E.K.K.A. Balloon Freeze

Same as the top 1 Lumberjack deck, this one is so powerful in defense and has a strong counterattack. Adding to that, try to activate King Tower with the Tornado whenever possible.

Do not start the attacks by using Lumberjack and Balloon, I know it’s tempting but you’ll use 9 Elixir and you won’t be able to defend if the enemy stops your attack. You can do that only if you have a big elixir advantage or the enemy doesn’t have its defense on hand (and also only in double or triple Elixir time).

This deck is also known as Anaban’s deck, due to its creator, Anaban, who finished 1st in the world with this deck a lot of times.

Here’s a P.E.K.K.A. Decks post that you should check.

#3 – Golem no Big Spell

Golem no Big Spell

This deck has been winning popularity lately. It’s a Golem deck with a 3.8 Elixir cost, which is so low for being a Golem deck. This is because it doesn’t use a big spell like Lightning.

Not much to say, play Golem behind your King Tower and pair it with Night Witch. Try to defend, be ready to trade towers, and make strong pushes on the opposite lane.

Here’s a post on Golem Decks that might interest you.

#4 – Golem Clone with lumberjack

Golem Clone with lumberjack

The Golem Clone has always been a powerful option. This combination and adding a Lumberjack makes this deck insane.

I always recommend not start with Golem first play due to its irregularity, it can bring you the victory but also can cost you the entire game if the opponent has the right answer (i.e. elite barbarians at the bridge, that combined with another card can three-crown you so easily). In this case, using this clone deck, starting with Golem is not a bad option because you can end the game so fast with a strong attack.

#5 – Classic Golem Night Witch

Classic Golem Night Witch

This is the same deck as before but adding a big spell for Zap and adding Barbarian Barrel instead of the Bomber (both cards are swapped frequently).

In this case, I’d recommend defending and wait for Double Elixir time to make your move.

#6 – Golem E-barbs Healing Spirit

Golem E-barbs Healing Spirit

As you might see, there are no spells at all in this deck, only the Tornado and, as I just explained, Bomber is usually a substitute for Barbarian Barrel (it has the same elixir cost).

This deck has a great combination due to Elite Barbarians, which paired with Lumberjack Rage Spell, deal incredibly high damage. Try to use Heal Spirit behind the Elite Barbarians to heal them back and destroy your enemy.

#7 – Bridge Spam Ram Rider

Bridge Spam Ram Rider

This deck is not much Free-to-play friendly as it has 5 Legendary Cards. I’d recommend you to use this deck in Challenges instead of Ladder if you don’t have these cards maxed out.

It’s a Bridge Spam deck because you usually place the Ram Rider and Bandit (not at the same time) at the Bridge to make your opponent react. In this case, due to the combination with Lumberjack, you can start your Ram Rider attack from behind and use the Lumberjack on the bridge once the Ram Rider is approaching it.

#8 – Deck with Lumberjack and Royal giant

Deck with Lumberjack and Royal giant

The Royal Giant has been always a strong card. In this case, you won’t be using the Lumberjack mainly because of the Rage Spell, which is also good, but defensively. Think about it as a defensive card to kill troops and then if it survives, use the Royal Giant behind it.

The Heal Spirit will heal your Royal Giant to deal even more damage. Try to use it when the opponent doesn’t have a Spell that kills it like The Log, Barbarian Barrel or Arrows.

#9 – Lava Hound Clone with Lumberjack

Lava Hound Clone with Lumberjack

There’s no small Spell in this deck but it’s actually not necessary. As happens with all Clone decks, you can start with Lava Hound on the left or right corner of your Arena and make a strong push with all your troops to clone them and destroy the enemy’s tower.

Be sure to check out this Lava Hound Decks post where you’ll find the best decks with this card.

#10 – Balloon Fast Cycle

Balloon Fast Cycle

This is a fast cycle deck with only 2.8 Elixir cost that makes so powerful attacks with Lumberjack Balloon but it has a lack of defensive potential. I placed it on the Top 10 because it’s so complicated to play, you need a lot of skill and know your enemy’s elixir all time.

The key of this deck is the Ice Golem because you’ll need it to kite all enemy troops to the other side in order to defend properly.

If you can’t use the Lumberjack + Balloon combination, you can always place the Barbarian Barrel to tank for the Balloon.

The Ice Spirit is a flex card as it can be exchanged with Electro Spirit or Heal Spirit.

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