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November 13, 2021

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The Mortar is a Common card that costs 4 Elixir and can be unlocked from Builder’s Workshop (Arena 6). It’s an offensive and defensive card at the same time. Used as a unique win condition, or paired with other ones like Miner, Hog Rider, Skeleton Barrel, etc.

Keep reading to see more about this card and how to get the most of it.

Top 10 Mortar decks

Here are the best decks with Mortar in Clash Royale with a brief explanation on how to play them. Starting from Top 1 to Top 10:

#1 – Mortar Valkyrie with Goblin Drill

Mortar Valkyrie with Goblin Drill

This deck has a great defense and a strong attack with Goblin Drill. Added to this, it’s a fast cycle deck and very free-to-play friendly.

Use the Goblin Drill early on in offense to see what the opponent has to defend it and then play with that, out-cycle it, force him to use its defenses with your Mortar, etc.

Mortar + Valkiryie + Musketeer can defend practically anything. Make sure to place your Mortar correctly. Also, you can also use Goblin Drill as a defensive building.

You can always swap The Log for Snowball or Arrows if you don’t have that Legendary Card.

#2 – Mortar Miner Elite Barbarians

Mortar Miner Elite Barbarians

Strong defensive and counter-attacking deck due to Elite Barbarians.

I recommend you to start with Mortar offensively if you have it on hand, to see how your opponent defends it (you can defend with Elite Barbarians if he decides to attack).

Ice Golem is a strong defensive card due to its ability to kite enemy troops and apply a slow effect once it dies. You can change Ice Golem for Royal Delivery if you want.

This deck has a lack of air defense so if your opponent uses its Lava Hound, be sure to attack the other lane with Elite Barbarians and at least destroy the tower. Also, if the opponent ignores it, keep attacking to Three-Crown it.

Check out this post about the best decks with Miner.

#3 – Mortar Bait with Cannon Card

Mortar Bait with Cannon Card

This is a Spell-bait deck (Log/Arrows/Fireball basically) adding the Cannon Cart as a defensive and counter-attacking unit.

As with every bait deck, you have to punish your opponent for using its Spell on your troops.

#4 – Mortar Skeleton Barrel

Mortar Skeleton Barrel

Another Mortar Bait deck but adding the Skeleton Barrel and also the Firecracker. You can add Miner instead of the Skeleton Barrel if you want, and also change the Knight for Valkirye or Ice Golem.

The Firecracker is a strong defensive card that always gets value out of her. It’s hard to deal with her and the opponent usually uses a Spell to eliminate her.

Make sure to apply contact pressure by offensive mortars and Skeleton Barrels.

#5 – Mortar Goblin Drill Triple Spell

Mortar Goblin Drill Triple Spell

Strong defensive deck with lack of air defense but played correctly, the Royal Delivery helps a lot against air troops.

This is a control deck where you have are constantly chipping the enemy’s tower with your Goblin Drill and Spells.

Make sure to protect your Musketeer as it’s the key to your defense.

#6 – Mortar Miner bait with Valkyrie

Mortar Miner bait with Valkyrie

This is the TOP 1 deck with Miner instead of the Goblin Drill, which provides a faster cycle.

Remember to use the Miner on the lower corner (the one closer to the wall) of the enemy tower in order to avoid a possible Tornado + King Tower activation from the opponent. If the opponent doesn’t use Tornado, be sure to change your Miner placement all time.

#7 – Mortar Goblin Drill with Inferno Dragon

Mortar Goblin Drill with Inferno Dragon

Strange Mortar deck but strong and powerful.

A good defense to the Goblin Drill with Dark Prince and also providing a good counter push if survives.

Your attacks are based on Goblin Drill paired with the defensive surviving troops as Dark Prince, Cannon Cart or Inferno Dragon, and also the Mortar, which is an offensive-defensive card.

#8 – Mortar Royal Hogs deck

Mortar Royal Hogs deck

A great Royal Hogs deck is very free-to-play friendly. It has The Log as a legendary card (which can be used under-leveled) but can be exchanged for Arrows in this case.

Strong defense with Cannon Cart + Musketeer + Knight combo, along with Mortar.

#9 – Mortar Goblin Drill with Rascals

Mortar Goblin Drill with Rascals

As the majority of Mortar decks, this deck is based on strong defense with a chip damage unit like Goblin Drill.

It has some bait cards like Rascals or Spear Goblins.

In this case, you only have Fireball as Spell but, as you might notice, there’s a Fire Spirit on it which can eliminate a Goblin Barrel by himself, placed anywhere.

#10 – Classic Mortar Rocket cycle deck

Classic Mortar Rocket cycle deck

The Top couldn’t be complete without the Classic Mortar Rocket cycle deck, a deck that has been around for ages but it’s so hard to be successful with it.

It requires a lot of skill defensively-speaking as you only have Archers as your air defense. This makes your Rocket shine defensively speaking, as you’ll have to use it a lot.

A deadly combination is Rocket + Tornado, use it defensively or offensively if the opponent gives you value out of it.

This deck is made for Triple Elixir as you’ll be constantly Cycling Rockets to the enemy tower and also defending properly at the same time.

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