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The Mother Witch is a game-changer card. It has the ability to spawn a Hog from a dead troop if it has been previously attacked by her. It’s a Legendary Card that costs 4 elixirs and it can be obtained on Arena 15, the Legendary Arena.

It’s considered the best legendary card in the game right now, but it’s meta-depending. This card made that everyone is using Fireball instead of Poison in the majority of its decks.

Keep reading to see the best decks with Mother Witch that will make you win trophies and beat challenges.

Top 10 Mother Witch decks

First of all, I have to say that all the decks that I’m going to show you are so good, even they are not on the TOP 3, a lot of people had success with them and even reaching Ultimate Champion using those.

#1 – Bridge Spam Elite Barbarian with Mother witch deck

Bridge Spam Elite Barbarian with Mother witch deck

Starting from the TOP 1 deck, this Bridge Spam deck is so nasty. It has some trouble dealing with Lava Hound and Golem decks, but you should destroy them for the rest of the matchups.

This deck has not a clear win condition as four of them are the ones that can bring you the victory (Cannon Card, Elite Barbarians, Bandit, and Mother Witch). With great defensive potential and super strong counter-push, this deck is claimed to be the top 1 deck with Mother Witch.

You can also make the following changes: Elite Barbarians for Dark Prince and Heal Spirit for Goblin Drill.

#2 – Royal Giant deck with Mother witch

Royal Giant deck with Mother witch

Following with the TOP 2 deck, this Royal Giant was the most powerful deck in May 2021.

This deck requires skill in using the Fisherman to pull the troops from the Royal Giant but, besides that, it’s an easier deck to play. Your win condition is Royal Giant and Elite Barbarians are used as a defensive troop + counter-push, same as the Mother Witch.

Be sure to out cycle your opponent on double and triple elixir and you’ll easily win the game.

#3 – Royal hogs decks with Mother witch

Royal hogs decks with Mother witch

Closing the upper part of the Mother Witch ranking decks, on the Top 3 we find this Royal Hogs deck. It’s the same deck as the classic Royal Hog deck but changing the Heal/Electro Spirit for Mother Witch, the cycle is more complicated but you win in defense/counter-push.

This deck is a split lane deck, you shouldn’t focus on one tower specifically, split the damage between the two towers. Do not over-commit on single Elixir time as this deck is not cheap at all, concentrate on defense and make some attacks with only Royal Hogs. In double Elixir time, you can start your attack by using Royal Recruits on the back and split them in 3-3. Then, the Zappies can be split as well and you can attack with Royal Hogs in the middle, so two will go to the right side and two to the left side.

If the enemy uses his Fireball on your Hogs/Zappies/Mother Witch, be sure to punish it with the Flying Machine, it’s so hard to defend and you’ll get so much value from it.

#4 – P.E.K.K.A., Mother witch and Ram Rider deck

P.E.K.K.A., Mother witch and Ram Rider deck

This is a strong P.E.K.K.A. deck, it has a super-strong defensive potential and good counter-attack.

In order to succeed, do not start with P.E.K.K.A. at the back on single elixir time, and only use it to defend troops like Giant or Golem. Hog rider attacks can be stopped with Ram Rider or using Electro Wizard + Bandit and then counter-push. On double Elixir time, and only if your opponent doesn’t have its win condition in hand, you can use you P.E.K.K.A. at the back to start your attack, maybe split the push to make it harder to defend, etc.

The only problem is that it has a lot of legendaries that are not easy to level up.

#5 – Electro Giant Mother witch deck

Electro Giant Mother witch deck

Electro Giant is still one of the easiest decks to play and one of the hardest cards to defend due to its unique ability to stun/damage the troops that attack him.

With a strong defense and great attack, I considered this deck as the TOP 5 of Mother Witch decks, but it can be the TOP 1 of Electro Giant decks. You have Goblin Cage to defend Hog Riders and fast cards, then Inferno Dragon to kill the tanks. In single Elixir time, be patient and do not over-commit by using the Electro Giant often. It costs 8 elixir like a Golem but he does not have that many health points and it dies faster.

Make sure your Lightning gets enough value to hit a couple of troops plus the turret, or you can use it to eliminate 3 strong cards placed together.

#6 – Miner Wall breakers with Mother witch

Miner Wall breakers with Mother witch

One of my favorite decks to play, this Mega Knight deck is so much fun but complicated at the same time.

Your main attack is Miner + Wall breakers, the other cards should be used as defense and counter-push. Yes, you can use Elite Barbarians at the bridge, but you must be aware of the opponent’s elixir to make sure that you can get value out of it.

This deck has some troubles with Lava Hound decks as your main air defense is the Inferno Dragon, which can be stopped easily with a Zap or Fireball but, as I always say, the best air defense is to not defend, make a strong attack at the other lane with Elite Barbarians or Mega Knight, do not use Miner Wall breakers as they won’t eliminate the turret by themselves. This will make your opponent choose between losing the game and follow his attack (as Elite Barbarians with some other cards will shred all the towers), or defend your attack, then you can easily defend the Lava Hound with your Inferno Dragon.

#7 – Mega Knight Ram Rider deck

Mega Knight Ram Rider deck

Here you can find another Mega Knight deck, in this case, it uses Ram Rider as its win condition.

This deck has a better air defense than the previous one and, adding to that, the Ram Rider can stop a Balloon/Hog Rider by itself.

Defend properly and then counter-push.

#8 – Mother witch Goblin Giant Sparky deck

Mother witch Goblin Giant Sparky deck

This Goblin Giant deck is easy to play and so hard to defend against due to the Sparky + Rage combo. I do not recommend using Elite barbarians + Rage at the bridge as it’s so easy to defend with less elixir, and then the opponent will have a huge elixir advantage to punish you for that.

You can start your attack by using Sparky at the back and then follow it up with your Goblin Giant. Also, the Goblin Giant is used to kite troops to the other lane while dealing them damage, make sure to use it-

Be sure to not use Sparky near your tower if the opponent has Rocket.

Be sure to check out the post about TOP 10 Sparky decks, where you’ll find a similar deck as the TOP 1, both can be used.

#9 – Mega Knight Royal Hogs with Mother Wtich deck

Mega Knight Royal Hogs with Mother Wtich deck

Strong Royal Hogs deck with great counter-push. Might have some problems with air decks.

Be sure to punish your enemy for using Fireball on your troops and defend + counter-attack to succeed. It’s not a cheap deck so be sure to not use a lot of it on single elixir time or you’ll have some troubles defending the enemy’s attack.

This deck only has two legendaries and both can be played under-leveled (just by 1 level, do not use them if your cards are two levels higher).

#10 – Spawner Mega Knight Mother witch deck

Spawner Mega Knight Mother witch deck

Spawner deck with an awful cycle. You’ll have some troubles if you play versus Hog Rider + Earthquake decks.

Be sure to use the Furnace properly, with the June 2021 change it has been the strongest building in the game.

This deck is made to play slowly and chipping damage to the enemy tower little by little.

And here it is the TOP 10 Mother Witch decks, I hope you find here the deck that fits your playstyle and makes you win a lot of trophies!

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