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September 2, 2023

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Due to the invocation of its bats, and also when dying, adding the great damage it possesses, it will be quite easy for us to adapt it in the majority of current decks.

The Zap bait deck with the Night Witch will be very effective thanks to the invocations of the Bats.

#1 – Deck for trophy pushing with the Night Witch

Night Witch for ladder deck
We will benefit from the invocation of the skeletons to make it difficult to stop our units with spells, such as The Log or the Zap. The Night Witch and the Goblin Barrel can create very interesting damage to the crown tower.

Take advantage of the Princess to support the Night Witch and her Bats.

#2 – Very competitive deck with the Night Witch

deck with competitive Night Witch

This deck is quite expensive but with incredible results, if you manage to combine the Golem with the Night Witch and the Lumberjack, the damage of these will finish the crown tower extremely quickly, thanks to its explosive damage.

The Rage left by the Lumberjack when dying can be very effective if you combine it with the Night Witch, remember that the Bats are also affected by it.

#3 – Perfect deck for challenges with the Night Witch

deck with Night Witch and Miner

Without a doubt, the most competitive of the decks exposed, this deck is very effective for playing in tournaments, as the statistics of the units present in the deck are very competitive in tournament rules.
The Miner is supported by the Poison (Typical Miner deck) and with the other small units you create a good defense that is quite difficult to overcome. The Night Witch comes into play when you manage to combine her with the Miner, so that while the Miner blocks the damage from the crown tower, the Night Witch can do considerable damage to the crown tower.

Testing the Night Witch in a video

You can see a gameplay of the Night Witch by the great YouTuber Withzack, which shows us how to get the most out of this new legendary card.

Do you think the Night Witch will give rise to new decks or will it simply be added as another card in the current Meta game? Leave your opinion in the comments!

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