Top 10 Best decks with Royal Giant in clash royale

One of the most hated cards in Clash Royale, the Royal Giant is a common card that costs 6 Elixir and can be unlocked from Royal Arena (Arena 7). It’s a unique card as it’s a tank that targets buildings from the distance and deals a lot of damage.

As have shown in the post of The Best Legendary Cards, the Lumberjack is not on the top 10 legendary cards but it’s a key factor to some specific decks. Keep reading to see more about this card and how to get the most of it.

Top 10 Royal Giant decks

Here are the best decks with Royal Giant in Clash Royale, and now I will briefly show you how to play and be successful with them.

1. Royal Giant Mother Witch deck

Royal Giant Mother Witch deck

This is claimed to be the TOP 1 Royal giant deck in 2021. It has a fast cycle and strong defense due to the Fisherman, which can stop attacks while activating the King Tower at the same time.

You can either place your Royal Giant at the bridge or starting the attack from behind. If you opt for the second option, on double elixir time you’ll be able to have another Royal Giant once the first one reaches the bridge.

Dark Prince is the best defense for Goblin Drill, which is gaining popularity this 2021. Also, having Mother Witch on a deck is always a plus, as it’s still one of the best cards in the game.

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2. Royal Giant Elite Barbarians deck

Royal Giant Elite Barbarians deck

The Top 2 Royal Giant deck can’t be other than this one, also one of the best Mother Witch decks in Clash Royale.

This deck is terrifying, it has a strong attack with Royal Giant and Elite Barbarians and adding the Heal Spirit, but also a good defense with the Fisherman, Elite Barbarians, and Mother Witch. These last two cards provide a strong counter-push that paired with Royal Giant, your opponents won’t be able to stop you.

Make sure to constantly apply pressure to your enemies and be ready with your Fisherman to defend and activate the King Tower.

3. Royal Giant Mega Knight deck

Royal Giant Mega Knight deck

This deck is so hard to defend and applies pressure non-stop. Quite easy to play, this deck will make your opponents rage quit.

As you might notice, this deck doesn’t have any spell, but it’s not needed at all. You can defend Goblin Barrels and Drills with your Skeleton Army and if the opponent uses Zap/Arrows/Log/Snowball on them, you can punish it by using yours.

This deck has a lot of bait cards, and as I always say, the more Princess, the better. Be sure to protect her and she will lead you to victory.

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4. Royal Giant Firecracker deck

Royal Giant Firecracker deck

Fast cycle Royal Giant deck with Firecracker and Tesla as your main defense and adding Dark Prince (can be changed for Valkyrie, but I prefer this version).

Don’t be afraid to use Royal Giant at the bridge as you have cheap defensive troops.

The opponent could activate its King Tower with your Firecracker but you don’t have to worry as you’re using Royal Giant as your win-condition, King Tower doesn’t have enough range to hit your Royal Giant if all Towers are alive.

5. Giant Skeleton Royal Giant deck

Giant Skeleton Royal Giant deck

Even this deck has two cards of 6 elixir cost (Royal Giant and Giant Skeleton) this deck cycles fast as you have Electro Spirit, Barbarian Barrel, Earthquake, and Fisherman as fast cycle cards.

The Giant Skeleton should be placed in front of your Royal Giant to block the enemy’s defense and then the Bomb will do the rest.

Fisherman + Hunter is a great defense combination, be sure to make the best out of it.

In double elixir time, maybe you don’t need to place any Royal Giant to win the game as you can cycle Earthquakes at the enemy turret and defend while doing it.

6. Royal Giant Bait deck with Skeleton Barrel

Royal Giant Bait deck with Skeleton Barrel

Another Mega Knight bait deck but in this case, you have Skeleton Barrel as a second win-condition and also we’re adding one spell: the Arrows.

This deck doesn’t have the best defense against Golem decks, and if they use Bomber + Arrows, you’ll have some troubles.

Your Firecracker can be used as well as a bait card, she dies from Fireball/Arrows. Be sure to bait with the proper cards and then punish/defend with the other ones.

7. Royal Giant Lumberjack deck

Royal Giant Lumberjack deck

Classic Royal Giant deck, with strong defense and good counter-push potential.

Do not overcommit by using 10 Elixir with Lumberjack + Royal Giant combination, you have to defend with it and then add the Royal Giant if you have elixir advantage.

The Lightning is a great card to eliminate buildings, the best counter of Royal Giant, and also you can use it to hit 3 units if they are paired too close to each other.

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8. Royal Giant Hunter deck

Royal Giant Hunter deck

Fast cycle Royal Giant deck with great defense due to Hunter + Fisherman, but weak against Lightning, as it will kill both of them.

We added Skeleton Dragons as AoE damage and Fireball bait unit.

Combine your attacks with Royal Giant + Heal Spirit and also can add the Skeleton Dragons.

9. Royal Giant Goblin Drill deck

Royal Giant Goblin Drill deck

Goblin Drill is hard to defend, and here’s a deck with Royal Giant that uses this brand new card.

You can make strong attacks with Goblin Drill + Royal Giant combination but also the Goblin Drill can be used as a defense, that’s the versatility of this card.

Other than that, not a hard deck to play. Try to protect your Firecracker as it usually gets so much value if she survives the defense and goes for a counter-attack.

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10. Hog Rider Royal Giant deck

Hog Rider Royal Giant deck

Here’s one of the most hated decks in Clash Royale as it doesn’t require skill and it’s hard to defend/attack against it. You can change Barbarians for Elite Barbarians if you want to see the world burn.

This deck has a great defense and also a great counterattack. If the opponent uses Fireball on your Barbarians, use Hog Rider or Royal Giant + Minion Horde to attack. If your Sparky survives while defending, make sure to use Hog Rider or Royal Giant in front. This is how this deck works.

And that’s everything for the Best Royal Giant decks in Clash Royale, I hope you like it, and be sure to test them out!