TOP 9 Sparky decks detailed

Post updated: January 26, 2022

The Sparky is a special card. She deals an incredibly high amount of damage with an AoE shot after a brief charge, but it’s quite easy to stop it by using a stun. She’s a Legendary Card of 6 Elixir.

The best cards to combinate with Sparky are Giant and Goblin Giant, you’ll hardly find Sparky in cycle decks, she’s good in Beatdown decks.

Keep reading to see the TOP 9 Sparky decks in Clash Royale.

The Best Sparky decks in Clash Royale

#1 – Goblin Giant Sparky deck

Goblin Giant Sparky deck

This is considered one of the best decks in the game. Goblin Giant and Sparky are your win conditions, the Elite Barbarians are use don defense but offensively only if you have Elixir Advantage (do not spam them at the bridge for no reason, they are easy to defend). You can also use Mini Pekka instead of the Elite Barbarians.

Start your attack with Sparky in the back once it’s double Elixir. In single Elixir time, you should focus on defense, only make attacks if you have an elixir advantage. Make sure to use the Heal Spirit properly because it will help you with your attacks by healing your troops.

#2 – Goblin Giant Mother Witch deck

Goblin Giant Mother Witch deck

The Mother Witch is one of the best cards in the game and of course, it could not be missing in the top of Sparky’s decks.

As before, Goblin Giant and Sparky are your win conditions but now the Mother Witch enters the scene as a support card to your attacks.

One of the reasons why I personally like the Goblin Giant is his ability to kite enemy troops and dealing damage at the same time. Make sure to change lanes while kitting to stop the enemy’s attack and then counter-attack with your other troops.

This deck is often used with Mega Minion instead of Minions, both options are great.

#3 – Giant Elixir Pump Rage deck

Giant Elixir Pump Rage deck

Strange but powerful deck. As you may notice, there are no damaging spells in this deck, which is so complicated to find nowadays. Giant and Sparky are your win conditions.

This is an expensive deck (4.6 elixir cost) so make sure to use your Elixir Pump in order to generate an elixir advantage. Be sure to punish your opponent if it uses a Fireball at your Pump by using Minion Horde offensively or defensively.

#4 – Giant Zap bait deck

Giant Zap bait deck

Strong Zap bait deck due to Bats, Skeleton Army, and sometimes Minion Horde. The opponent usually uses Zap to stop your Sparky so be sure to punish it with Bats or vice-versa.

This deck is not that expensive as the other ones so you can make attacks on a single elixir time. Also, make sure to know the enemy’s cards as you can always surprise it with a Mini Pekka offensively.

Giant and Sparky are your win conditions but you can use the rest of the cards as well to support a Giant push.

#5 – Giant Elite Barbarians Tornado deck

Giant Elite Barbarians Tornado deck

The combination of Sparky and Tornado is so strong defensively speaking. This deck has a lack of air defense, but who needs it. As soon as the opponent uses its Lava Hound, punish the other lane and take down its turret.

Giant and Sparky are your win conditions but Elite Barbarians can work as a support card of the Giant as well.

#6 – Giant Dark Prince deck

Giant Dark Prince deck

This deck is similar to the TOP 4 one as it has some Zap bait elements. In this case, we’re using Dark Prince and Electro Wizard instead of Mini Pekka and Minion Horde.

The Dark Prince provides more AoE damage and the Electro Wizard the stun-effect.

Really good defensive deck and a strong counter-attack. Giant and Sparky are your win conditions.

#7 – Royal Giant Hog Rider deck

Royal Giant Hog Rider deck

This is a special deck with two win conditions: Hog Rider and Royal Giant.

It’s commonly used with Barbarians instead of Elite Barbarians, it’s your choice. The Barbarians have more defensive potential and the Elite Barbarians more offensive potential.

In this case, your win conditions are Hog Rider and Royal Giant, and Sparky is used in defense and counter-push, not considered your main win condition.

#8 – Electro Giant deck

Baraja de Gigante eléctrico con Chispitas

Strange but powerful deck with great defensive potential with Ice Wizard + Tornado combination, and adding Sparky, even more.

Be sure to use the Lumberjack well in your attacks to take advantage of the Rage Spell effect that it releases when dying. Skeleton Army is a Zap Bait card. Use it when the enemy doesn’t have its small spell.

Electro Giant and Sparky are your win conditions, but Lumberjack and Mother Witch are great support cards for Electro Giant,

#9 – Giant Spell bait

Giant Spell bait

This is an old deck but still somehow effective. It has Zap/Arrow bait elements like Minion Horde, Skeleton Army, Sparky, and Goblin Barrel.

I would say that this deck has Giant and Goblin Barrel as your win conditions but combining Giant + Sparky is always a good choice.

Same as before, be sure to punish the opponent when it plays Arrows or Zap.