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If you are a beginner player in Clash Royale and want to start climbing trophies as you have never done so far. In Rompeniveles we have made a compilation of strategies and tips that will help you a lot in this trophy progression. Now you won’t have any excuse not to go up in the arena :).

The higher the Arena, the higher the reward in the chests

chest for each arena

You may not know this in the game but every time you go progress with Arenas you will get more gold and more cards from the chests, so getting to your maximum Arena is one of the best strategies both to be stronger in the game and to learn how to play better. Here you have more information about the rewards of the chests in Clash Royale.

Every 300 Trophies you will go up one Arena, for example going up from Arena 4 to Arena 5 is only 300 trophies.

We recommend you use a deck that you are comfortable playing with and have it at “maximum level”. We also leave you some ideas of decks for beginners that can be very useful when climbing the ladder:

Don’t get obsessed with getting legendary cards

The legendary cards although they may seem very interesting, often do not bring in the deck the potential that may seem, yes it gives us a little more variety in the decks but there are really very good decks that can be played without legendary cards and the proof is in these decks without legendary cards, that if you try them we are sure you will love them.

I myself after getting a legendary card have put it in the deck and it has not been useful enough to be a valuable piece. So don’t be envious of your friends with more legendaries because to play, you can do just as well with other decks.

The Elixir Trick

Elixir trick

Many players, even the highest level ones, do not know that the Elixir that goes from 9.5 to 10 is lost once it reaches 9.5. Our recommendation is that whenever you have the elixir bar at 9 you should always use a card because you will be wasting 0.5 Elixir if it reaches 9.5.

Most of the time this happens when you are distracted attacking or defending or at the beginning of the game. Always keep this advice in mind and it will help you to squeeze a little more out of your early game.

Our recommendation is that at 9 Elixir points, you use at least one Elixir card to avoid losing these 0.5 points.

Pay attention to the double Elixir because here you always lose a lot of Elixir!

Defend with as little Elixir as possible

If the enemy uses 5 Elixir points to attack, try to defend with less Elixir to win the trades. To do this, it is best to use the help provided by the princess’s tower with the damage of her arrows. Do not defend a troop that is low on health because you will be giving away Elixir to the opponent, let the princess tower take care of it.

A strategy that works very well is to use Skeletons, Tombstone, or Skeleton Army to divert the attention of the enemy troops. Generally, these cards will help you to be able to trade Elixir in your favor.

Use the Giant as your main card

The Giant is an extremely slow card but very difficult to stop if you don’t know how to defend it correctly. This card can help you raise many Trophies if you use it in front of all your cards, holding the damage while the other damage cards behind the Giant are clearing the way. Although you will see it in the future, this type of decks called Beatdown are used very often in High arenas because it is a strategy that works from low level to professional players.

For example, combining Giant + Battle Ram can be very powerful to destroy towers with ease.

Don’t leave your decks without spells


A very common mistake for beginners is not having a spell in their decks because they don’t think it is convenient. Experienced players know that almost by obligation you should have at least 2 spells to use in both defense and attack. The spells will serve you for example:

  • Zap: stun charging cards such as Prince, Sparky, or Dark Prince. It also serves to divert the target of an enemy card.
  • Fireball: allows you to eliminate large hordes of enemies and is extremely effective against barbarians.
  • Arrows: the best option to fight the minions, Princess, and Skeleton Army.

Always think about spending the Elixir of spells to win the exchange with the enemy.

Other tips that will help you to climb up the trophies:

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