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September 18, 2021

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First of all, you need to understand that the Tier List is always changing as it depends on the balance changes that Supercell does. In this post, you’ll see the best cards in 2021, and we will be updating the tier list every month so you can be ready for the actual meta.

Here’s the Clash Royale card tier list for 2021, and down below you’ll find some explanations of why we selected these cards in particular.

Card Tier List 2021


This tier list is made with the Tiermaker website, be sure to check it out!

God Tier

The cards that are actually on the top of the list are the strongest cards of the game at this moment. Those cards are super strong on the actual meta and you should consider using them in your decks. Here are some explanations about the God Tier list of 2021:

  • The most powerful card is Goblin Drill, the newest card released. Also, the Fire Spirit changes make this card and Furnace a God Tier cards right now.
  • Dark PrinceValkyrie, and Bomber are great cards that counter Goblin Drill, this explains why those are played so much and are so powerful in this meta.
  • Mother Witch still being the best legendary card in the game due to its special ability to summon Pigs and also is a great Fireball Bait unit.
  • Electro Giant is one of the easiest troops to play and the strongest tank at the moment. It’s not easy to stop it and you will almost always get value from it.
  • The Tornado provides the possibility to activate your King Tower for only 3 Elixir.
  • Fireball is the strongest spell at the moment, thanks to all the Spell Bait decks that use Mother Witch.
  • Tesla Tower provides a great defense for 4 Elixir, it lasts for so long and now is played in a lot of Goblin Drill decks.
  • Barbarian Barrel will always be a good substitution for The Log and you’ll win a Barbarian in defense, which is also good.
  • Bats and Skeletons provide value due to their low elixir cost.


The cards on this Strong Tier List are considered so good but not the best on the current meta.

Some Strong Cards were on the God Tier list but due to Balance Changes got demoted to not God anymore (Elite Barbarians and Miner, for example). Also, some of them were average and now are stronger than before due to the changes they made (Cannon Cart is one example).

These cards are also meta-depending, be sure to have them in your deck.


These are cards that are actually balanced. For the moment, don’t need any change, maybe later on if the meta changes a lot and got demoted to lower tiers but now, all these cards are fine and playable.

You should look into adding them to your deck, taking into account the synergy between the rest of your cards.

Below Average

In this case, these cards are not played much because they changed them or are not good on the meta. For example, the Ice Wizard was a God Tier card because provided a lot of defensive power but now it dies from a Fireball, so Supercell almost killed the card.

The cards on this tier can change their position if the balance changes favor them at some point.

Very Weak

The cards on this tier list should get a rework ASAP as they are not used practically or only in a couple of decks.

These cards are hard to get value out of it, for example, the Minion Horde dies from a Fireball, Arrows, Zap + Tower shot, etc. so the opponent uses less Elixir to defend than the one you used by playing the card. Another example is Elixir Collector, which is so risky to play as the opponent will use a Spell on it, damaging the tower as well (if the enemy has Earthquake, your Elixir Collector becomes useless).

This was the Clash Royale tier list of 2021. We hope you liked it and next month we will be uploading the August 2021 Clash Royale Tier List.

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