Clash Royale tricks and tips to win your games in 2022

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clash royale tricks and tips

In this Clash Royale guide, you will find everything you need to increase your stats to the maximum and with it your cups. In the following links, you will find all the information you need to start raising your stats and with it, we will get the most out of all the actions you can perform in Clash Royale.

#1 Raise your player experience quickly

Clash Royale level cheats

These little tricks will make that by constancy you can reach levels really fast, follow them and you will become the player with the highest level of your clan.

  • Raise level cards that you have very late, with that you will get a lot of player experience. It is a good idea to upgrade your level 2 cards that you have never played
  • Donate as many cards as possible to your Clan, this will help you gain experience little by little.
  • Get the maximum experience by playing more games. The more arena you reach, the better your rewards will be in chests and therefore the more cards you will receive to level up.

This will allow you to have more cards, better rewards, and therefore the most level-up cards. Also, both the King’s Tower and the Princess Tower will be stronger and have more health.

#2 – Use cards to deflect the enemy attack

On many occasions, you may have found that a miner or a barrel of goblins graze your King’s tower but don’t end up activating it. If you use the tornado right in the middle of your arena, dragging the enemies towards the king’s tower, you will make them activate it, and therefore, you will have one more help in the defense since it will attack. The cards that are easily draggable are:

  • Miner
  • Goblin barrel
  • Golem
  • Giant
  • Montapuercos

Even so, almost all cards can activate the King’s Tower with the Tornado. We leave you a video where they explain how to activate the King’s Tower with each card:

Also structures like Mortar, Tesla Tower, Tombstone, etc.. serve to attract units, mainly those that only focus on structures. This is a good idea to prevent them from touching your princess tower and thus minimize the enemy’s attack. This will save you a lot of damage and will surely help you win more games.

#3 – Speed up your fastest troops

One of the methods that works the best with the Hog Mounter (a very fast card) is to use it next to the bridge and with a slower troop in front of it. Generally with a Knight + Hog Rider or Valkyrie + Hog Rider or Ice Golem + Hog Rider are the easiest combinations to perform as these absorb all the damage, while the Mountie goes straight towards the enemy tower, creating a combination difficult to defend.

pushing forts

This type of trick is very common in fast cycling decks because it is very easy to make it reach the enemy tower.

#4 – Optimize your Elixir to the maximum

The one who manages the Elixir best is the one who ends up winning the game most of the time. If the enemy attacks with cards with a total cost of 8 Elixir and you defend him with cards of 7 Elixir and create a Counter Attack this is called getting Elixir advantage, this is the trick that most professional players look for.

Also in another way, there is a little “bug” that when you know it you will never reach the 10 Elixir cap again. When you reach 9.5 Elixir the remaining 0.5 you will always lose, always, so you should avoid waiting until you have 9.5 Elixir. Always throw the cards with 9 of Elixir as maximum because if you reach 9.5 you will lose it when you reach the top of 10.

Here is a guide to learn how to better manage your Elixir.

#5 – What do professional players do to raise cups quickly?

This is undoubtedly the most important part of Clash Royale. Raising the cups to a high level can be quite a challenge for most players, we don’t like challenges and that’s why we show you the basic tricks to win your matches and thus increase your cups quickly.

Play with these tips to win.

  • Get some initial knowledge with the channels of Withzack and Alvaro845. These Spanish players will help you get some great basics
  • Take advantage of all the tips mentioned above to increase the level of both your cards and the player.
  • Check the battles taking place on TV Royale daily, to see the battles of the world’s best players.
  • Play with the highest level cards. Don’t try new decks with the low-level cards!
  • Learn how matchmaking works in Clash Royale to know the level of your enemies.
  • Play, play and play, so you will gain experience in battles. It is the best way to get skill in the game, which will translate into many more victories.

If these tricks have helped you, you have our Clash Royale guides to improve more aspects of the game:

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