Top 2 Decks with Magic Archer

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September 2, 2023

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The Magic Archer is not just an archer, he is a wizard! It is the latest Legendary card created by the Supercell team. Its arrows pass through enemies to apply damage in a straight line at high speed.

Keep reading to learn more about this great Clash Royale card and the best Magic Archer decks.

In this section, we will see the best decks for our Magic Archer.

Hog Rider with Magic Archer and Tornado

This is a fast rotation Hog Rider deck created by the player and YouTuber YoSoyRick.
Montapuercos con arquero mágico
The mechanism of the deck is simple, use the Hog Rider to attack and the Ice Golem in front of it. The Ice Golem will also serve to distract units and take them to another line, while we eliminate them with the other units and towers.

The Poison will serve to stop Graveyards (very popular in Challenge), and clean Goblin Huts and other units that provide value.

The function of this legendary card, the Magic Archer, is purely defensive. Combining it with the Tornado, it will be able to stop many units.

If you do not want to replace the Poison with the Fireball and thus gain direct damage, it is recommended to replace the Skeletons with the Goblins. The reason is the legendary Graveyard card, the Skeletons are not good at defending it.

If you play against heavy decks, the key is to attack with everything if the opponent uses their tank unit behind, that will make the opponent decide to divide the elixir or lose the tower.

It is important to activate the king’s tower as soon as possible, as we will gain extra defense.

Giant with Double Prince and Magic Archer

No one doubts the potential of the double prince, and in this case, we add this legendary card.
Gigante con doble principe y arquero magico
In this case, if we use the deck for ladder, I recommend using Fireball, but, if we want to use it in Grand Challenge, I would opt for the Poison, which will help us defend Graveyards above all.

Like any double prince deck, we want to defend with our princes and generate a counterattack with the Giant in front.

This is a very popular deck, but what is usually used is the Musketeer or the Electro Wizard instead of our Magic Archer, so do not hesitate to make the changes to see which one adapts better to your style.

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