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February 28, 2022

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Winning in Clash Royale is a goal we all want, but often we do not know very well why we have a bad streak of lost games and in this post, we want to show you the cards that will help you get a higher % of victories, just by including them in your deck because otherwise, it will be almost impossible to win your games.

Before reading this post, we recommend that you read the deck archetypes in Clash Royale

Win condition in Clash Royale

The first thing you should know is the cards that make up the win condition and will be a key part of any deck, either for its defensive, offensive power, or its potential in the game. With some of these cards, you will be able to make the decks that will help you get more cups.



The Miner is a card with a very interesting offensive capability, simply because you can cast it wherever you want inside the arena. The interesting thing about the Miner is that you can cast it to ensure a safe amount of damage. There are many decks called Chip decks that are based on constantly doing damage with the Miner while defending the enemy’s offense with the other cards. These decks are more tournament-oriented as the difference in cards and levels can be detrimental.

Ram rider

ram rider card

One of the best cards currently in Clash Royale and no wonder. It has damage to Structures but in turn, has the ability to root the enemy and leave it stopped, but not one, it can stop up to 2, while the Ram Rider attacks directly to the enemy tower. It is a card that with its great speed can quickly get to hit the enemy tower and therefore constantly do damage whenever you reach the enemy tower.

You have decks with the ram rider here.

Goblin Drill

goblin drill

It is the upgraded version of the Goblin Barrel but with much higher damage. This card is among the best decks of Clash Royale for its great versatility, it can serve both in defense and attack and with only 4 points of Elixir. Remember that you can use it wherever you want in the Arena and it will be like a hut, although much faster than will be summoning small Goblins that as you know, inflict quite a lot of damage if they reach the tower of the princess. It’s a very good card and a great win condition. Check out all the decks we have with the Goblin Drill.

Royal Giant

royal giant

Want a tank that holds up relatively well and shoots from far away? The Noble Giant is a great option if you’re looking for a siege from afar. We have this card with only 6 elixir points and huge damage to structures. It is one of the best Win Conditions that exist in Clash Royale because it resists and does a lot of damage from a distance.



The most known card by all low arenas players. It can surprise a lot in high trophies arenas but it is a card that with structures or large hordes of enemies you can take down easily. The most positive point of the Giant is its great resistance for its low cost of Elixir, plus it combines very well with cards like Fury to quickly reach the tower of the enemy princess. A very interesting option for decks with fairly fast cycling.

Royal Hogs

pigs real card

As you have seen, the vast majority of cards in this list are cards that focus on structures and Royal Pigs will be no less. This card has a lot of potential against decks that don’t have structures and don’t have Fireball or Poison because they are spells that tear them apart. Royal Pigs have the ability to quickly reach enemy towers and thus makes it a great card that is hard to stop unless you have structures or Fireball.

bombastic balloon

Classic card to surprise the enemy. Generally, the Balloon is used with another tank like the Lava Hound or others that we have mentioned in this list because it combines very well, the damage of the Bombastic Balloon when reaching the enemy tower is devastating, with 3 hits of the Balloon you will have the enemy tower in the rubble. The only problem is that its attack is quite slow and can be easily deflected by other structures.

Elixir golem

elixir golem

The Elixir golem has 3 phases, one when it is a giant golem full of Elixir that when it dies splits into 2 small golemnites and then splits again into 2 drops of elixir. For only 3 points of Elixir it can withstand many attacks of the enemy, making a perfect distraction to go with your other attack cards to break down the defense proposed by the enemy. The drawback of the Elixir Golem is that when it dies its 4 drops of Elixir become these 4 drops to the enemy, but don’t worry because you will have made him spend much more with only 3 points of Elixir.

This Elixir Golem is a Win Condition if you accompany it with cards with a good attack.


mortar card

The Mortar since the beginning of the game has been giving headaches to many Clash Royale players and it is a card that for 4 points of Elixir can do a lot of damage. It attacks from your part of the arena and the damage is in AOE, being effective also in certain occasions for defense. The best thing to do with the Mortar is to leave it as far away as possible from the princess tower but with enough range to reach it while defending the Mortar from the enemy attack. It is a very interesting card for “rare” decks.


golem card

The star card for Beatdown decks, in fact, these decks were created thanks to the Golem. Its power lies in the great resistance thanks to its large amount of health and therefore, the damage it receives. If you start an attack with the Golem in the lead you will be able to accumulate many cards behind it while sweeping the enemy defense. You have more golem decks that you can see here.


graveyard card

A Win condition that is made for expiremented players because it is quite easy to counter, but if you make the right combination of cards you will get a lot of damage that the enemy can’t stop. It is considered a win condition in any deck because the damage of the summoned skeletons is huge, if these skeletons are not eliminated it can do a lot of damage in a few seconds, so a card like Discharge or Poison can totally counteract this card.

Besides being able to be cast wherever you want, it can be a great way to surprise your enemy in a good counterattack.

If you want to see decks that work great with Graveyard here are a few.

Electro giant

electro giant

Electro Giant is a very good card for absorbing enemy damage but at the same time, it is very effective against melee cards and, for this reason, it is often seen alongside Tornado, to drag all the defense towards Electro Giant. Remember that it is a card that makes a brief stun so it is very effective against all types of cards. This card with the Tornado and other defensive cards can be very interesting for Beatdown-type decks which you can see here.

Goblin Giant
giant goblin

It is a Win condition without being the best card in this list but it offers a mix of abilities that is interesting in certain types of decks. It has the ability to attack structures but does mini damage to other cards that are not structures, it has a medium resistance so it fits in a few decks, there are cards that have a better use. Although it is quite interesting against fast-cycling decks.

Skeleton Barrel

Skeleton Barrel card

The Skeleton Barrel is still a very interesting card in the Log Bait type decks because for only 3 Elixir you have the balloon that does no damage but then when dying, 6 skeletons appear that can annoy the enemy a lot if he has no area damage, for this reason in the Log Bait they are used to bait the spells like the Snowball Discharge to then attack with the Goblin Barrel or the Princess.


Lava Hound

Lava Hound card

A tank and a flyer! What more can you ask for a card that is very important for Lavaloon type decks. In case you don’t know, are decks that the win condition is the Bombastic Balloon + Lava Hound as it is a very difficult combination to eliminate, mainly because they are 2 cards that are areas, and let’s remember that not all units attack air cards.

You have more decks with the Lava Hound here.

Three Musketeers

three musketeers card

The Three Musketeers is the most expensive card in the game but at the same time, it can be the most lethal. It is very difficult to play and you will see it in very few decks but it offers terrible damage, plus it saves 3 Elixir if you were to cast all 3 Musketeers separately. The biggest problem with this card is that spells like Fireball counter it a lot, but if they reach the enemy tower without being eliminated they can do a lot of damage. It is a Win condition but very difficult to use.

Battle Ram

batlle ram card

This card is one of the most interesting cards for the rise of cups, it allows you to attack quickly and without the enemy expecting it. Currently, there are decks like the Bridge Spam that are very useful to win cups quickly thanks to its fast and accurate attacks. It combines very well with the Bandit.

The Battle Ram benefits from the fast speed it reaches and that when it hits the first structure it reaches, 2 barbarians will appear which the enemy will also have to deal with.

Hog rider

dumbbells card

The card par excellence for the rise of trophies. The Hog rider is the fastest card that attacks structures and has decent damage., with a few Hog Rider you will have the enemy tower with very low life. It’s cost and speed make it a great Win condition.

It is an essential card for any player because it is one of the most used cards in the game and you must know perfectly how to counter it.

You have Decks with the Hog Rider here.

Wall breakers

wallbraker card

The Wall breakers is a card that must be accompanied by other units, it benefits a lot from other tank cards because while these take damage from the enemy tower or enemy cards, the wall breakers penetrate quickly thanks to their speed and do a lot of damage to structures. For only 2 Elixir it is quite an interesting card in certain types of decks.

Goblin barrel

barrel of goblins

The best card of the Log bait decks as the 3 goblins that appear once it hits the ground do quite a bit of damage if not removed quickly and damage of this type constantly can be the key to winning games. The Goblin barrel is very versatile, it is used a lot in attack but also on certain occasions you can use it in defense, being able to throw it in any area of the arena gives many possibilities of gameplay.


xbow card

X-bow like Mortar is a card that is used in your own arena, it has constant and considerate damage if not stopped quickly. There are decks that work very well but are quite sporadic, you have to know how to play the crossbow very well if you want to get the win with this one. In low-level arenas, it can be a great option but in high-level arenas, it is very difficult to play unless you want to surprise the opponent.

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