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December 11, 2021

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If you’re a Free fire player you’ll surely stay caught on Ganera’s most popular mobile game, thanks to its constant updates. Free Fire’s game modes prevent its fans from leaving them behind because the options are increasingly varied and exciting.

The Free Fire community of players never stops growing and the developers spare no effort to keep them happy. Each new update in-game mode keeps user expectations high while increasing its popularity.

A detailed list of Free Fire game modes

The only problem some free-fire players have had is that the gameplay instructions are not always clear. If you have that drawback too, below you’ll see a simple detailed list of Free Fire’s game modes.

Each game mode has its trick, but once you figure it out, everything else is a piece of cake. Read on.

1. Classic game

This is the basic one, which is always open. The player lands on the Bermuda or Purgatory map and, once there, have to get weapons and other equipment to finish off his rivals.

One of its big disadvantages is that at the end of each game no scores are obtained nor do you go up or down in rank. But it’s not all bad: each upgrade is first tested at this level, so it serves for practice.

Another feature is that it can be mined with bots. They are filler characters controlled by artificial intelligence. You recognize them by their basic clothing.

2. Ranked game

It can be played in squad, duo, and solo. It is the most important after Classic and you drop down or move up in rank after each game. So you can get to Heroic and you also get scores.

Something remarkable is that scores have a reset cycle every 2 months, approximately, at the end of each season.

The Qualifier mode is always open and players drop randomly on the Bermuda or Purgatory maps.

When you drop from the plane you must equip yourself with first aid kits, armor, and weapons. There you face a game of 50 players. The winner is the one who stays on his feet.

3. Burst

Players in the Burst mode land on the Bermuda map and, depending on the season, on Purgatory. It is open only on Mondays and can be played as a duo or solo.

The safe play area holds only 20 players at the start of each game and also the weapons and equipment are of the highest levels.

4. Rush hour

Although currently inactive, Mortal Race was a very popular game mode. In each game, 20 players would travel the Bermuda map in an amphibious vehicle in search of vehicle repairmen, medkits, and other items.

A condition of the game was that no one could get out of the vehicle until the end of the game, facing other vehicles full of enemies.

5. Nighthunter

It is open seasonally. The safe zone in each game is of a smaller size, accepting only 20 active players. All scenarios look dark, simulating that it is night.

In this mode, only the Bermuda map is available and is played individually or as a duo. Here you can only get melee weapons and sniper rifles with night sights.

6. Private Rooms

In Private Rooms, you can customize the game and control things like life score. It is also possible to enable or disable the abilities of some characters.

Opening a private room and also allows you to determine how much damage falls do, whether you can use vehicles or not and which ones. Also, the types of weapons, the amount of ammunition, and the size of the jumps.

To play in this mode it is necessary to have a ticket private room. This allows you to invite your friends or leave the room open to other users.

It is possible to play it individually, as a duo, or in squads. Players drop into the Bermuda or Purgatory maps, but it is worth noting that this is not always available.

7. Revolution

It is likewise available seasonally and can be played solo, in duos, or in squads.

Players land on the Bermuda map and their characters can evolve because they receive adrenaline. They can get it by running or by finishing off another player and stealing the one they had.

By evolving, you can jump higher, get more health points, and higher speed. You can also have other attributes, such as doing more damage when shooting if you are at maximum and your location becomes visible on the map.

You can see above your life bar an indicator of various levels. At the first level, you receive 300 points. When you finish the following ones, you receive more speed.

8. Respawn

In this game mode, which is also known as Resurrection, it is possible for characters to die once while the game is open, and reappear later on the Bermuda map and receive a treasure map.

If the character does not die during the game, he receives 150 extra life points once the last game zone is closed.

Resurrection is available seasonally and nothing else can be played individually.

9. Big-Head

Here the challenge is increased. They manage to enter the game with 5 or 6 squads that fall on the Bermuda map with the mission to annihilate 40 players.

The first squad to reach that number wins the gameYou can revive infinite times and, as an extra, you receive a vest, a gun, and two grenades.

However, what is most striking is that for every opponent killed, the character grows ahead. Hence its name.

10. ExplosiveJump

The game will assign you to the offensive or defensive squad at the start of the round. The objective is to plant or defuse a bomb, as the case may be, or eliminate all members of the opposing team.

Upon landing on a random map you will be assigned to a team and will be able to choose from 4 different weapon and armor combos.

The game map has two safe zones: A and B. Your team will receive an assigned mission, which they must accomplish in order to plant the bomb in either of the two zones on the map.

When a player is injured, another teammate can heal him/her. You also have the option to batch the kill boxes, but they will no longer be available in the following round.

11. Deadly Edge

Here the safe play area is smaller, with a capacity for 10 active players.

It is a quick play option that is characterized by the fact that only knives can be played in the games, and there are no help resources such as first aid kits, mushrooms, or armor available.

Each game is open for 4.30 minutes or until some player makes a certain number of Kills.

Each knife can remove 9,999 health points from another player. If you run out of your arsenal, you can wait for them to automatically reload or batch an opponent’s kill box.

12. Clash Squad

As the name suggests, it can only be played in squads. It is a 4 vs. 4 encounters in a reduced safe play area on the Bermuda map.

It is available on a seasonal basisThe goal is to win 4 out of 7 rounds. The first squad to reach the goal will win the game.

As the rounds progress, money is received which allows you to buy weapons, armor, and other advantage jokers.

So far, Squads Duel is the fan-favorite Free Fire game mode and the most popular whenever it is available.

13. Fully Charged

The CG15 will be the protagonist if you decide to play in Overload because it is the only weapon available. After falling on the random map, you will be able to reload your ammunition to cause lethal damage to your opponents.

You’ll have machine gun cartridges, level 3 vests, first aid kits, and backpacks available. The idea is that you exploit the CG15 to the maximum, but you must be careful.

There are no helmets available and headshots can take off up to 1,200 points. That translates to instant death.

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