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February 13, 2022

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todos los personajes de free fire

In the wide world of Free Fire, there is a large number of characters with which you can make many combinations of skills to try to get the most out of your team and improve your chances of victory.

Do you already know all the characters, what do you think of their abilities? If you don’t know them all yet, this post is for you. Here you will find all the information about each character, making it easier for you to build the ideal team according to your play style. Are you ready? Here we go!


eva adan


We start with the character that we have by default in the game. Adam or Eve will be our first character and do not include any special ability, however, you can customize them as much as you want; skins, t-shirts, pants, masks… the possibilities are endless.


caroline free fire

Caroline is a girl who enjoys a lot of fame and also has a lot of money. She is a great friend of Kelly’s and loves to cosplay. She has a great attachment to her father and brother and her favorite weapon is the shotgun. Hence her ability.

His ability is activated the moment he gets his hands on his shotgun. From that moment on his speed increases by a certain percentage.

Being so, it is a good character if your style is close combat or if you want to explore certain spaces of the map. Caroline can be your ally for only 8000 coins or 499 diamonds.



Paloma is an attractive 28-year-old woman. In addition to her incredible beauty, she stands out for being one of the biggest arms dealers in the whole world. In her life, she has gone through many situations, from great poverty to being an important model.

Paloma will help you to have more AR bullets than your opponents because depending on the level, a certain amount will not occupy space in your inventory. If exchanges of fire are your thing, then you must have Paloma in your team. It is worth 8000 coins or 499 diamonds.


kla free fire

A young martial arts specialistKla is an expert in Muay Thai and, after disappearing for a while, has returned with the desire to take the law into his own hands, literally.

His ability consists in strengthening his punches with his fists in an incredible way. That is why he is considered the best character for close-range fights and is exceptionally useful for close-quarters combat. Kla can be yours for 8000 coins or 499 diamonds.



31-year-old tough guy. In the past, member of the navy and an inveterate sailor. The ocean strengthened his will and endurance. Used to adverse situations and environments, few things can stop this man.

The harsh life in the ocean gave him the ability to resist in the harshest environments, so he suffers less damage outside the safe area. It is very useful for taking opponents by surprise near risky areas, although it is true that taking advantage of it can be a bit tricky. Ford will be your ally if you exchange it for2000 coins or 399 diamonds.



Olivia is a 29-year-old nurse. Her forte has always been protecting and healing others. She does not discriminate between friend or foe, she heals everyone without distinction because for her the most important thing is health. And every person she heals gets up with a lot of energy… strange, isn’t it?

Her ability, as we mentioned, consists of resurrecting other characters and giving them some extra HP. It’s perfect for playing in duos and squads, not so much so in solo mode. Its value is 2000 coins or 399 diamonds.


kelly free fire

This young girl has as real name Shimada Kirika and is a close friend of Caroline. In the past, she was an up-and-coming sprinter and lived training on the track and field, which you can easily see by looking at her ability.

Thanks to her ability, she can run faster than the rest. That said, it only applies to foot races. This is useful to make chases, escape from dangers or reach remote places. Kelly will race with you in exchange for 2000 coins or 399 diamonds.


maxim free fire

Maxim is a guy who lives to eat. A regular in who eats the most contests. no one knows what his secret to staying slim is. He’s also a hardcore gamer and loves to stream his gaming sessions.

His skill allows him to heal himself and eat mushrooms to gain EP in less time. With this, you will be able to gain valuable time every time you find a medkit or similar. Maxim will join your team in exchange for 8000 coins or 499 diamonds.


miguel free fire

Leader of a Special Forces squad, he is a highly lethal and efficient soldier. His teammates betrayed him in the past and it broke something in him.

As a special quality, Miguel can obtain EP for each enemy he eliminates. If you are one of those who like to go all out, then I invite you to make a place for Miguel in your team and go crazy. Unleash chaos with this character for 8000 coins or 499 diamonds.


wukong free fire

It’s the turn of the most mysterious character of the game. Little is known about him, but what we all know is that he is a human that looks like a monkey… or a monkey that looks like a human. He is known as the monkey King.

His ability allows him to transform into a bush for a while, going unnoticed by other players. Ideal to take your enemies by surprise or to hide. This monkey man will be yours for 1999 diamonds.


Andrew free fire

Former police officer. The 42-year-old projects the right image of what he is: a seasoned tough guy who can handle anything. His experience in law enforcement branches made him an expert in survival and armed combat. He has a great sense of justice and is a tireless worker.

He has the quality of making bulletproof vests more resistant, so they take longer to break. It is ideal for defensive styles of play. It can be yours for 1000 coins or by logging in from the main menu.


misha free fire

Misha is one of the best drivers in the game. She loves speed and for her, there is no such thing as a corner, let alone a brake. It can be said that she is a variant of Kelly since both are characterized by their speed.

Her ability consists of improving the speed of each vehicle she drives and also its resistance. You can have her in your team for 8000 coins or 499 diamonds.


rafael free fire

His profession: assassin for hire. He stands out for his lethality and stealth, although his greatest desire is to do justice and put an end to evil. It is not recommended to stand in his way or he will surely end your life.

His characteristic power allows hiding you on the map, no one will be able to see you for a few seconds, as well as silencing your weapons. It is ideal for ambushes or secret kills. However, it is an ability that can only be activated by him. This assassin can be yours for 499 diamonds.


hayato free fire

Hailing from an ancient family of Samurai, his name is Shimada Hayato. He has chosen to walk the path of bushido. He carries the weight of his family on his back, the good and the bad, but always with pride. His katana is his most faithful companion.

His ability allows him to increase the penetration rate of his bullets when he lacks 10? life. He can be seen as a kind of berserker, making him ideal for lovers of exchanges. This swordsman will join you for 499 diamonds.



A computer enthusiast, this young woman of only 20 years old can hack into any system in a matter of seconds. Able to get in and out of any site without leaving a trace.

It can “tag” the opponents it shoots, allowing you to know where they are located for several seconds and preventing them from taking you by surprise. This is both a defensive and offensive quality. Moco will locate your enemies for 8000 coins or 499 diamonds.


antonio free fire

Emerging from the underworld, Antonio made a place for himself on the streets at the point of intelligence and righteous violence. He eliminated all of his opponents in just 7 years and is willing to repeat the process with anyone who dares threaten his family.

His distinctive trait allows him to start the game with more life points than the rest. Typical for a guy who had to struggle to survive on the streets. Antonio will become part of your family in exchange for8000 coins or 499 diamonds.



Young and beautiful, but don’t let that fool you. At 22 years old she is Caroline’s personal bodyguard and a firearms expert. Her mastery of weapons has allowed her to win numerous battles.

Thanks to her great handling of weapons, she can reload submachine guns at an impressive speed, much faster than the rest of the characters. An advantage to taking into account in one on one. Nikita will join you in exchange for 2500 coins or 499 diamonds.


a124 free fire

The soldier of the future. This robot has the frame of an 18-year-old girl but is actually a killing machine. You don’t want to get between her and her target.

Her ability allows her to convert her own energy points into life points every so often. With her, you’ll be able to regain life without needing to pick up a health kit. It makes a good combination with Miguel, keep it in mind. This beautiful robot can be in your team in exchange for 499 diamonds.


laura free fire

This girl is an elite special agent and since she was a little girl she has been handling guns, so she is currently one of the best shooters in the world. Her greatest desire is to bring justice to the world.

Thanks to her arduous training, she improves the accuracy of every shot whenever you put your eye on the target. With her help, you can vastly improve in long-range combat. Laura will join you in exchange for 499 diamonds.



Don’t be fooled by his carefree Casanova appearance. His cool, calculating mind is his greatest asset. A scientist by profession, he fools many who believe they have the upper hand over him.

His ability allows him to improve his speed when running or taking damage, so you must always be alert. Get this seducer after making any diamond reload.


alvaro free fire

If you look up the definition of pyromaniac in the dictionary, you will surely see Alvaro’s picture. This young man loves creating and planting explosives wherever he goes. He is an expert in mines, grenades, dynamite, bombs, and anything that goes BOOM.

Thanks to his hobby, you can do more damage with explosives and increase the range of explosions. If you share a hobby with Alvaro, you can get him for 499 diamonds.



This young woman is a great friend of Misha and both share her love for speed. She is a member of a large motorcycle gang, where they attest to her great riding skills.

With her ability, she can carry companions in the vehicle and at the same time recover life points, both she and her passengers. This makes her a good character to play in squads. Notora will take a ride with you in exchange for499 diamonds.


alok free fire

The fight entertainer, is always accompanied by good music and a refreshing vibe. He is inspired by DJ Alok and is an expert in boosting the morale of his teammates. Dedicated to supporting his team. If you are looking for support, here is what you need.

His ability is exclusive and allows him to create an aura within which his teammates will be able to regenerate life every so often and improve their speed by a percentage. Alok will cheer up your games in exchange for 599 diamonds.


shani free fire

Mechanic by vocation, she is passionate about repairing things and inventing machines. Thanks to this, she is able to repair gadgets and turn what used to be simple junk into masterpieces. His great intelligence and creativity allow him to know how any equipment works, so he can repair any damage.

His extensive knowledge allows him to repair a part of the vest with each removal. If the vest is fully repaired, then he will improve its quality one level. Shani will repair what you need for only 499 diamonds.


steffie free fire

An inveterate artist. She has chosen graffiti as a means of expression but has taken it to the next level. Whenever she has the opportunity, she captures her emotions on a wall.

Her ability consists of creating graffiti that improves defenses, that is, that reduces damage from bullets and explosives. It is exclusive to her, though. Steffie gives you the opportunity to take the risk of playing aggressively without taking as much damage. Steffie will paint your world in exchange for 499 diamonds.


He is the perfect definition of a fearless man. Parkour lover and professional stuntman. Used to stressful and demanding situations, he doesn’t get nervous in dangerous situations.

His love of danger takes him to the front line of battle and can recover life points for each enemy eliminated with a submachine gun or shotgun. Ideal for aggressive play, if you get wounded, you can recover your life. Jota will take a chance on your team for 499 diamonds.


kapella free fire

It is something like an idol in Free Fire. He enjoys a great reputation and a very charismatic personality. His optimism and positive mind infect anyone and his music can warm the hearts of those who listen to it.

His ability improves the effects of healing items and skills and decreases damage when knocked down. She is what we call a supporting character, she will help you a lot to survive. Kapella will be there for you if you redeem it in the event menu after recharging at least 300 diamonds.

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