How to get Chrono (Cristiano Ronaldo) in Free Fire?

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February 20, 2022

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conseguir a chrono en free fire

Discover the ways to get Chrono (CR7) in Free Fire and what is the best way to get him without having to spend money from your pocket. Let’s see all the options that exist and why it is an interesting character with which you can be the envy of your friends.

Ways to get C.H.R.O.N.O

Currently, the only way that exists to buy Cristiano Ronaldo in Free Fire is spending diamonds, yes, but there are alternatives so that this does not cost you money out of your pocket and they are the ones we want to show you.

We made a guide on how to get free diamonds in Free Fire that you might be interested in, mainly if your goal is to get CR7 and enjoy his special survival ability, the Force Field, surely the guide to get the diamonds helps you to collect these 500 diamonds you need.

Chrono costs 500 diamonds but if you get these diamonds for free you will have to wait for the store rotation to bring out Chrono on sale because by default you won’t always find it, you will have to hold on with the desire until you can buy it.

Meet Chrono and his special ability

Chrono currently is a character that received a change at the end of 2021 and plays differently, quite nerfed. The force field which is his ability is used as a wall, now we tell you more:

force field free fire chrono

At the maximum level, the skill has.

  • When using the ability it creates a force field that blocks up to 800 points of damage and you can use it to avoid enemy damage. The force field cannot be penetrated either by your bullets or by the enemy entering inside, nothing, it serves as a TOTAL shield, your own shots will destroy it.
  • The active ability lasts 6 seconds and has a 120-second cooldown

This ability can be interesting to block a lot of damage while cornered but you won’t be able to shoot through.

What do you think of Free Fire’s new CR7? Leave it in the comment box.

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