How to change your name for free in Free Fire?

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cambiar nombre en free fire gratis

If you have arrived here is because you want to change your Free Fire Name and in this post, we will help you to change it. Just remember that you can only change it once because then it will cost diamonds, so in both cases, do not worry because we will help you.

Changing the name for free just once

To change the name for the first time, what you must do is click on the profile in your top left corner and it will open a tab where next to your name will appear a pencil, if you click on this pencil you will have a new tab where you can insert a new nickname. We have a nick generator for Free Fire if you want to see it, where you will find special characters, curious names, weapons to add, and much more.

So with just these steps, you can enjoy a new name for your player, but… what if I’ve already used it once? We don’t want you to spend your 800 diamonds, see how to spend much less with more tips.

change nickname in free fire

Getting more name changes in Free Fire

You have already used the name change once and now you don’t want to pay 800 Diamonds, normal, so there is another option that will allow you to change the name without spending so many diamonds.

You will find it inside the Clan Token section, which is in Shop > Redeem > Clan Token. Here is the name change token, which is really very cheap because it costs 200 clan tokens and 79 diamonds. With this card you will be able to change your name again, so find one you like so you don’t have to change it again by spending more diamonds.

Another method that you can use with diamonds is in the store, when you have a good discount such as -90% on the price of things in the store, buy there the name change card. Remember that this discount usually happens rarely so take advantage of a great discount such as -90% to make it at that very moment.

If you do not know how to get diamonds in Free Fire we have made a guide to help you get them in different legal ways.

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