How to climb to heroic/grand master rank in Garena Free Fire?

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November 28, 2021

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In this article, we are going to show you the KEY aspects that will make you climb to heroic rank in a very easy way. Remember that to climb to the maximum rank of the game, you have to know at least the basics of the game because there are many people competing for this rank.

What do I need to climb?

  • The main and most important thing is to know all the Free Fire tips. These will allow you to improve in the game and with this, you will have many more opportunities to increase your rank.
  • Do you play on PC? It can be a key factor if you play Free Fire on PC.
  • Time and a lot of fun.

That’s all you need to start climbing ladder

That’s all you need to start climbing ladder

First, analyze your play style. In Free Fire to climb the ranks, you need to be among the last to die, therefore a strategy that never fails is to hide, yes, although it sounds a little boring, this is one of the most effective ways to climb the ranks.

If we have this in mind, we already have high chances of climbing quickly through the ranks because the game favors those who die last, those who have a better aim, or those who know how to position themselves better in the game.

Strategy to avoid dying

If we go with the defensive strategy, you will need to land in areas where there is not much battle and therefore we recommend that you try to land in areas where altercations do not usually form. This will allow you to hold on for a few more minutes, which is always a good way to increase your rank, you will earn more points if you are among the last ones in the game.

Aiming should also be a very interesting factor to consider since in 1 on 1 confrontation it is in your interest to have a better AIM than the enemy. In this case, what we recommend is that you practice and practice, although as we mentioned before, being able to play on PC also facilitates this task.

Other points that you should also keep in mind are:

  • Avoid playing when you have a bad connection because a connection drop can make you lose points.
  • Take advantage of the gas zone. You can see the enemies that always come running from the gas zone, so keep in mind where they can come from.
  • The minimap can be of great help when the shooting is constant between enemies. Take advantage of this element that the game gives you to know where the enemies are coming from.
  • Try not to use the vehicles unless it is 100% necessary. You have a guide here to know which vehicles are better or worse depending on the circumstances.

What shouldn’t you do?

Mainly you should avoid areas where many players gather, you just need a good weapon and high armor, so you can let them kill each other.

Also, don’t go to the Airdrops drop zones because many users will try to go after them and it’s quite likely that you’ll end up down. Although the reward may seem very good, think that you are not the only player who will see that Airdrop, and therefore, more players will go to capture it, especially the good ones in the game.

Vehicles are your worst enemy, but if you see that you can’t escape from the electric field you have no other option, take the vehicle but remember that the sound it emits is very loud and you can be easily detected, so you can be an easy target for a pro player.

Therefore if you follow the following concepts you should have no problem in raising your rank:

  • Hide
  • Play smart and don’t shoot unless you are going to kill your enemy.
  • Land in safe zones
    Play a lot and practice the new strategy

How many points do I need to upgrade to Heroic?

In this image, you can see the points you need to climb to the next rank. You will need up to 3200 points to get the desired rank.

You have more detailed information here about the new points system in Free Fire. In the article, we also talk about the rewards obtained.

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