How and when to buy diamonds in Free Fire?

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December 11, 2021

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how to buy diamond free fire

To beat 49 people from all over the world and survive the island in the game Free Fire, you must have weapons, cars, skins, and extravagant accessories if you wish, which you can only buy with diamonds. How to do it without having your credit card in red balance? Here are the legal and safe ways.

#1 – Inside the game

No tricks or cheats, simply dedicate yourself to playing. Every day you enter the game, the system rewards you with passes to use the rulebook with gifts such as weapons, skins, and of course diamonds. In turn, by completing missions, you get the reward of a total of coins, the value of which depends on the difficulty of the level.

As you complete objectives, you are rewarded by leveling up and ranking up, with their respective rewards such as tokens, points, in-game currency, and special costumes. As in the real world, the help of friends is valid, who can give you tokens. However, you have to be attentive to claim them in time.

It should be noted that, in special seasons such as Black Friday, Easter, Halloween, etc., Garena also offers special promotions to motivate loyal gamers. As well as for special international events such as tournaments.

halloween event

#2 – Out of Free Fire

It is currently trendy to complete freelance tasks from the comfort of your home, related to gaming culture such as answering gaming surveys, writing in specialized blogs, translating articles, and making designs for which you get paid in dollars, euros, or electronic money, redeemable in-game stores. One example is the Google Opinion Rewards app that you can use from today and will allow you to earn some $$ by taking surveys.

google opinion rewards

As well as apps that reward players for sharing content on their social networks and even for beta testing new titles. Another very popular method is to follow the channels of well-known gaming YouTubers, who reward their loyal followers with weapons, skins, and free codes.

It should be noted that these accounts usually hold weekly raffles with diamonds and gift cards in order to motivate players in exchange for promoting their brand and sharing content. It should also be said that these promotions are time-limited, so keep an eye on the notifications so you don’t miss out on any. Still, we made a guide on how to get free diamonds in Free Fire without hacks or stealing. You might be interested!

#3 – Online stores

Within the same game, enter the online store that offers you different options to exchange balance from your credit card, debit card, or electronic money, which vary according to the model and operating system of the phone, from the Apple Store or Google Play.

For its part, Garena has pages that deliver codes that you can print to pay in cash at the nearest store or with PayPal, transfers, and cards. Of course, these methods vary by country and region.

When entering these portals, it is important to verify that it is official and legal. Avoid giving your personal and credit card information if you suspect that the site is not reliable. You already know, check that the place where you get them is legal and updated to avoid penalties from the game.

Safe Play

There are several free diamond generators for Free Fire on the Internet, but it is possible that these are attempts by unscrupulous people to steal your personal data and hack your system.

You are now ready to enter the island again, fight and fulfill high adrenaline missions. But don’t forget, collect the diamonds you need to equip yourself with the most powerful weapons and luxury skins, trade with your friends in search of survival. Be the last man standing.

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