Invisible text space in Free Fire: How to copy it

You may have already seen a multitude of players who are using blank space in their in-game Nickname, we have it too and we want to show you how to copy this invisible space text in Free Fire.

Copy and paste the Invisible Space text

It’s as simple as copying what’s inside the brackets. With your cell phone simply press and hold between the brackets and you can copy the invisible space text and add it to your Free Fire Nickname.

It only works on Android! 

You have 2 options 👇:

Big space

Copiar espacio invisible: ()

Small space

Espacio Invisible Pequeño: ()

Add the invisible letter to your Nickname

Once you have copied the inside of the parenthesis, you will see that you can paste it inside your nickname in Free Fire, as we have done:

changing nickname to invisible in Free Fire

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