How to get FREE Skins in Free Fire

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Free Fire is one of the most popular online shooter video games of the season. If you are one of the gamers who want to fight to survive and win by using costumes that you can use as camouflage or for fun, we show you the tricks to get free clothes in this world of fighting for your own life.

In this app, both clothing, weapons, and skins have a high price, basically paying with diamonds, but there are several ways to get them without getting bugs or the risk of being banned. Looking to hunt and avoid being caught by your 49 enemies, you will have 10 minutes to explore the map, camouflage in the jungle, and survive until you are the last one standing.

Methods to get free skins

Free skins with Lulubox

Lulubox is a free and safe APK with no risk to the security of your Android. To access free skins in Free Fire, you must download the app here and follow these steps.

  • Log in to the app and open the game.
  • Log in again, it is possible with secondary accounts.
  • Go to the store.
  • Search for the outfit and click on the “Buy” option.
  • Close the warning that there are not enough diamonds.
  • Your characters will now wear their new outfits, as a gift.

It is possible that when leaving the store, the hero will not have the updated outfit, but he will wear it after starting a new game. It is important to enter the game from Lulubox directly for the gift to be effective.

Generally, the first time you enter this apk, the game will play slowly. If this happens to you, it is preferable to close and open Free Fire again.

Collect gold and diamonds

With a positive balance, you can start buying various items from the 0.0% clothing outfit, although if you have run out of diamonds, you can also use various tricks to earn them without having to use your money.

As in all gaming communities, Free Fire soldiers also exchange diamonds. So it is also a good idea to ask your friends and take advantage of challenges and entries to a new session every day.

The codes offered by Garena

On the social networks of popular gaming communities, you can find coupons or codes to get items from this video game for free. We have here a series of free codes redeemable on Free Fire. These are 12-character codes, with numbers and capital letters. When you enter them, the reward items appear in the collection. Each of them has its respective expiration date.

It is worth noting that these keys are not available in all regions, so it is advisable to consult in the chats or in the recognized blogs about the security of these links.

new skin

Recommendations to avoid banning

The most experienced players suggest you avoid playing in the main ranking mode. If you just want to try a new outfit, it is preferable to use your secondary account.

Since its launch in 2017, Free Fire by 111 Dots Studio has become one of the phenomena of gaming culture around the world for its high adrenaline. The concept is simple, 50 fighters are launched with their parachute on the bloody island. You have to use your wits, cunning, and weapons to wipe them all out and be the only survivor to win.

This year, try on new outfits for your characters and get ready again to fight for your own life in Free Fire. What are you waiting for to get for free or exchange with your friends the new weapons, items, and funniest outfits of animals, samurais, hunters, and the best war camouflages?

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