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Garena Free fire is one of the most fun mobile Battle Royale games you can play. The graphics are not really very good but the gameplay is awesome. In this article we show you some tips and tricks to be able to be in first positions in all your Free Fire games, showing your friends who is the boss in the game.

The tricks the pros use to improve their rank.

Before you start, do you know all these Free Fire tricks ? Leave in the comments if you have already applied these to your play style.

#1 – Download Free Fire to your computer

The trick that will help you the most in getting better at Free Fire will be to play on your computer, this can be done very easily with emulators like Bluestacks, Memu, or Nox. We leave you here a guide on how to install Free Fire on your pc.

Undoubtedly, for me and for many players who have already tried to play Free Fire in this way, you must play on a computer to improve your ranking. These are some of its advantages:

  • Faster with the mouse than with the finger when using the cell phone.
  • Assignment of keys by skills/grenades/reload, etc… This will allow you to react faster.
  • With the monitor, you will be able to see your enemies better and therefore, more effective at long distances.
  • You will improve your eyesight by not having to see the characters so small on the cell phone.
  • It is very easy to play on PC and has no cost.
  • Another experience to play Free Fire and enjoy the game even more.

So what are you waiting for to install it?

If you are already enjoying Free Fire on your computer we recommend you to keep reading these tricks to improve all aspects of the game.

#2 – Decide your game strategy

decide your game strategy

It is important to evaluate whether you are looking to kill a lot or try to be in the first position because if you try to kill a lot it is likely that in some confrontation you will end up badly, but if you play much more defensive, hiding and killing enemies from behind it is likely that your final positions will be higher.

Each strategy has its pros and cons, the defensive one is a bit boring but more rewarded, on the other hand being very aggressive can sometimes go wrong but you improve your skill a lot more.

For the defensive player, you will need to find the zones with more loot so if you are comfortable in a zone every game, we recommend you to go out as little as possible unless the electric field comes and makes you move.

#3 – Use the Training Camp mode

Use the Training Camp mode

One of the most difficult aspects to master in Free Fire is the aiming and interactions with the rifles, controlling the recoil and movement of the bullets is much more complicated than it seems. The training ground allows you to increase your value on the battlefield by practicing your shots.

We recommend that before each game you take a few training shots to improve your reflexes and wake up your brain a bit to be able to shoot more effectively.

If you practice daily on the training range combined with matches, you will perform much better over the months.

#4 – Choose the best character

Choose the best character

Depending on your game strategy, you should choose a character that suits this, for example:

  • Undoubtedly the best Free Fire character is Alok, with its special ability that allows you to improve the movement speed of up to 15% for 10 seconds and that on the battlefield along with health recovery make it the character with the highest percentage of victories. It is useful in offensive players, as well as in groups as if you are a loner.
  • If you are a very offensive player, we recommend you to play with Chrono. This character has an ability that allows you to block up to 600 points of damage at first, it will also allow you to attack from inside the force field and if that’s not enough, it gives you 15% movement speed inside.
  • Finally, A124 is one of the best characters for those of us who play more defensively. His ability is to convert EP into HP, so in very long fights it can be very and very effective, it also has a very low cooldown of the ability. This means that we are constantly healing.

#5 – Landing is the main goal

Landing is the main goal

As in all Battle Royale, this is a key point in the game, in the landing you can decide if you will be a passive player or rather offensive, the areas where many people fall can be difficult to get out alive. If you decide to go for the defensive strategy you should try to fall in areas where very few people fall, yes, you will need some weapons if you want to reach the last minutes of the game.

If you land in areas where there are many people

This is because you are a good player, generally, the pros land in these areas because they are the ones that require the most skill.

If you land in areas where there are no players

In this kind of landing, it’s fine, you collect weapons, ammunition, shields, equipment, etc… the only problem is that when you don’t face any player, you don’t acquire skill when aiming and in most of the confrontations you lose.

#6 – What to pick up first when landing?

It is of vital importance that once you have fallen, RUN to find a weapon, it will be decisive when it comes to shooting down the enemies you encounter, then you can go to collect your equipment to be able to resist more in the middle stage of the game, but the initial thing is to go for a weapon quickly if you are lucky you will find an assault rifle or shotgun to take down the enemies with ease.

The mushrooms will provide you with a valuable shield that will allow you to fight longer.

You will have to focus on collecting the following items to optimize the best start to your game:

  • Weapons: Taking into account that the best weapons are assault rifles for long/medium distances it is always interesting to have one at the start of the game but the best shotgun when there are so many players will give you a victory in 1 vs 1.
  • Backpack: The backpack will allow you to pick up more objects from the ground that you find, it is essential to equip yourself with one of these as quickly as possible because it is important to be as equipped as possible to face rivals with better weapons.
  • Helmet: Picking up a helmet at the beginning of the game can save you on more than one occasion of a matched confrontation, if you find one of level 3 would be an incredible start of the game.
  • Bulletproof Vest: With a good bulletproof vest you will be able to win the confrontations of the first minutes, but you depend 100% on having a weapon to take down the enemy. Always prioritize weapons but never forget this essential item for survival.
  • Healing and first aid: For early confrontations, it can be useful, but it is much better to use them when you are out of combat, so preferably choose the best weapon on the ground rather than a first aid kit.

#7 – Use headphones to listen to enemy footsteps

Use headphones to listen to enemy footsteps

In Garena Free Fire you will be able to determine if an enemy is coming from behind you, is far away, or is approaching you, if you have the headphones and you can determine where the enemy’s footsteps are coming from. This is a KEY factor to be able to detect where your enemies are.

You will also be able to hear gunshots and vehicle movements, you will know where they are coming from and more or less in which direction they are.

The more you play, the better you will recognize the sounds of the enemies and this will allow you to win more games.

#8 – How to win more games?

At the end of the day, Battle Royale is about surviving until the last player, so if we hide from the enemies, they will end up killing each other. This is one of the most used tactics in Battle Royale type games because the longer the game time, the more deaths there will be.

Decide your strategy and if you are going for victory, the easiest thing to do is to take refuge in houses and move towards the safe zone until there are few left. Don’t forget to equip yourself and use headphones to hear where the enemies are coming from, also practice your aim because you will need it for the last minutes of the game.

Follow these tips and we are sure you will improve a lot more.

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