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Are you on the hunt for exclusive items, stylish outfits for your character, or perhaps a handful of diamonds? (Check out our guide to snagging free diamonds!). This article will provide you with the currently active codes for Free Fire. While some might be past their prime, we’ve made an effort to compile both the latest and the older codes for your convenience. Dive in and unlock the treasures!

List of updated codes in Free Fire

The same day the codes are released we will update them so you can redeem your prizes as soon as possible!

Note: Copy and paste the code directly to the reward redemption site.

Updated codes 30 November

  • HFNSJ6W74Z48
  • E2F86ZREMK49
  • 2FG94YCW9VMV
  • V44ZZ5YY7CBS
  • WD2ATK3ZEA55
  • XFW4Z6Q882WY

You should keep in mind that some of these codes may have already expired, or, they may not be available in your region, the point is to try if it works for you and if not, move on to another one.

Where to redeem these codes?

First of all let me tell you that the code is made up of 12 characters that you will need to enter here, on the Garena Free Fire page to enter codes. In order to enter them, you will need to log in with a Facebook, Google, VK or Huawei account.

redeem code site

The steps are very simple:

  1. Access the web page that we have shown you to add codes.
  2. The next step is to log in with your Google Play account because that is usually where you have linked your Free Fire account.
  3. Enter one of the codes we have below
  4. Finally, Garena will tell you if the code has already expired or the other way, and it will give you your rewards in a few minutes.

What exactly are they for?

What they offer us in the codes we can not know until we redeem it, but you can find from parts of skins for your character as Diamonds with which you can get more items within the game, the only way to know is to try the codes.

Some of these prizes are obtained with special promotions that are given away in the game, either for sports competitions or even for country events.

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