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Diamonds in Free Fire as you may already know are the virtual currency that allows you to get unique skins, pets, special costumes, emotes, Elite Packs, Elite Pass, or even characters.

In this article, we want to help you get extra Diamonds in your Free Fire account with different methods that we have tested and that are working in 2021.

No cheating will suddenly make you earn several Diamonds at once, rather, hard work will get you those precious Diamonds that you can exchange for the clothes you want so much.

That said, let’s look at the methods that are working best!

Most effective methods to get diamonds in Free Fire

#1 – The Google Opinion Rewards app

google opinions rewards english

When we have been looking to get Diamonds or simply earn money to spend on the play store. We have gone to the Google Play Store app opinion Rewards. This application allows you to earn money by answering the questionnaires, while you are doing the questions they send you will be earning money.

The most positive and what we like most about this app is that it is from Google and therefore, it is reliable.
In a month you can earn about $ 3, if you add month to month, you can have several skins in a year simply by responding with an application.

One of the best options is to earn money and convert it into gems. 100% recommended.

#2 – Gamehag

Gamehag allows you to perform actions within the games recommended by the application to obtain soul gems. These resources you will eventually be able to exchange for cards in the Play Store that contain certain dollar amounts.
What actions will you have to perform?

  • Play games
  • Complete quests
  • Complete required tasks
  • Download game apps
  • Level up in games
  • Invite your friends to play

The point is to combine several APPs and complete the actions you need. Be careful with APPs that you don’t trust or have bad ratings because there is nothing good behind them.

Gamehag is reliable. Access now https://gamehag.com/.

#3 – Redeem codes

If you are looking for unique costumes and not so many diamonds, you also have the option of redeeming codes that are constantly being released in Garena Free Fire that are full of gifts.

Basically with this method, you will have a new way to get things in Free Fire.

We talk much more in detail in this article about codes for Free Fire which we have constantly updated with new codes.

#4 – Follow the most famous YouTubers

Many YouTubers who make Free Fire Gameplays, offer in their videos some contests where the main prize is diamonds. In this way, if you win the prize you can take a big loot of diamonds without wasting time, simply by following the steps they ask you to do.

Here are some of the most recognized YouTubers that sometimes raffle free diamonds:

  • Fchu
  • TheDonato
  • Yair17

We also follow the social networks of several famous YouTubers to know quickly when they publish their video. They also give away Diamonds on their social networks.

Sometimes you will find that these YouTubers also give away free fire codes, so you will have another way to get new clothes for your character just by following these YouTubers. And you may wonder… Why do they get these codes? The answer is very simple, they have direct contact with Garena because they are content creators that help grow the Free Fire community and they are interested in promoting the community.

#5 – Get Google play cards

google play cards

If you are one of those people who do not trust too much to put your credit card on a mobile device, you always have the option to buy a Google Play card with several $ to be able to redeem it later for Free Fire diamonds. In any technology store, you can find this type of card and it will allow you to buy Diamonds in the store without any problem.

There are also YouTubers or influencers that sometimes give out this type of card, you should be aware mainly of YouTubers in case they give out Google play cards.

Google Play cards are a good way to buy diamonds in the safest way you will find.

Other apps that we have not tested yet but that can give results:

More Methods to win diamonds playing

These are the methods we use and with which you can also win in-game prizes.

#1 – Winning tournaments

Winning tournaments

One of the options for the best players is to sign up for local tournaments and win all the games to win the prize, which is usually Diamonds. If you are a very good Free Fire player, it is very interesting to apply to this kind of tournament because you can win a good prize!

This kind of tournament is growing and the level is very high but if you like Free Fire and you think you are worth it, why not try it?

Remember that in these tournaments many players have been playing this kind of game for many years and there are also recognized YouTubers of the sector that you can find in these competitive leagues.

Don’t know how to improve? Check out our article on Free Fire tricks or the guide to climb to heroic quickly.

#2 – Completing the Level Up Pass

level up pass

One of the new additions in Free Fire is the possibility of getting Diamonds more cheaply but you will have to play to level it up and pay a small fee. We highly recommend this option because it will motivate you a lot to achieve the diamond goals, which in addition, there are quite a lot!

Depending on the level you have with the Level up Pass, you will get:

Pass Level Diamonds to claim
2 400
4 100
8 200
10 100
13 100
16 100
20 100
25 100
30 400

#3 – Payment alternative

Undoubtedly the easiest option is to buy diamonds directly in the store, first because you save time, just buy the pack of diamonds and you will have the option to choose your favorite costume or skin. Secondly, you avoid having hacking problems or similar because some apps will try to steal your account and mainly the APKs that promise “many things”.

payment alternative

There is a weekly (420 Diamonds in total) or monthly (1,900 Diamonds in total) membership with which you can purchase diamonds more economically, but you must claim your diamond loot daily. It is a slower process to recharge diamonds but it is effective.

Take advantage of the offers that the game launches to acquire diamond packs at a reduced price. This is the option we use the most to buy diamonds and thus we save some $ in Diamond transactions.

What are the Diamonds in Free Fire for?

With the diamonds in Free Fire you can differentiate yourself from other players because it allows you to buy:

  • Epic and legendary skins that you can only acquire with diamonds.
  • Upgrade or buy the Elite Pass with which you can get rewards without having to spend a lot of diamonds.
  • Acquire pets that will accompany you and give you certain in-game benefits.
  • Unlock characters faster and play them before anyone else, also with diamonds you can acquire skills that otherwise would take longer.
  • Buy packs where different offers are included and in which you will get extra gifts.

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