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December 12, 2021

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Escaping and eliminating your opponent in Free Fire can be difficult when you have a high ping. Your reactions are slowed down and you can be eliminated from the battle arena in minutes.

We want to help you improve your gameplay so that every move you make doesn’t suffer any lag. In this post, you will learn some ways to reduce ping in Free Fire.

Why does ping occur?

You are probably wondering what ping is. It is the indicator of the connection speed that exists between a local host and a server; in this case, it is the Free Fire server.

This speed is calculated in milliseconds, ideally, you should be able to keep it below 100 for optimal game performance. However, by having a ping of 150, all your actions will be reflected in 0.51 seconds, which is not bad at all. But, if the ping is above 500, you will quickly notice how it affects your gameplay.

These are the main reasons why the ping can get high, making it practically impossible to have a smooth game:

  • Unreliable internet connection.
  • Sharing wifi connection with many devices.
  • Applications open in the background, such as Google Drive or Dropbox, download managers such as uTorrent and BitTorrent.
  • Having a virus on your mobile consumes more bandwidth.
  • Poor bandwidth quality.
  • Broadband quality.
  • Connection with servers that are far away from home, for example, if you are from Spain and the server is in another country.
  • Errors of configuration

How does it affect having high ping?

As mentioned above, the first consequence of having high ping is that it ruins the gaming experience. Other possible consequences are:

  • Impossibility of seeing when a target is nearby.
  • Your enemies will always see you as an easy target. The other players will see you as if you are doing nothing.
  • Your actions are not validated. You can see yourself getting to point, even hide so that no one sees you while the latency is lowered, but when the game loads you will either return to the starting point or appear dead.
  • You may also have gotten a loot, you probably think you’ve taken it, but if your speed is a little slow, there’s a high probability that someone else has taken it first.
  • The most unfortunate consequence is that you lose a game unfairly

This is how to improve ping in Free Fire

There are different ways that can help you improve this speed problem that does not allow you to play properly without having to change your mobile or internet plan.

Applications that reduce ping

One of the best apps that helps you reduce is Network Master-Speed Test, you can get it directly from the Play Store so you can be sure that you do not download any virus.

Network Master-Speed Test maximizes the speed of your internet connection, especially for games. Likewise, it optimizes internet bandwidth by making an analysis of the applications running in the background. It also lets you see how many people are connected to the network so you can determine if this is the cause of the problem.

Another app is Net Optimizer & Booster. Unlike the previous one, this application helps you get a better DNS that has a faster location and network. In addition, it noticeably speeds up the connection to reduce the ping below 300.

No applications

If you cannot download any application due to lack of existing space, other methods that help you lower ping and lag:

Disable VPN connection

If you make use of VPN or other proxy software to filter your connection, we recommend disabling it before playing. In general, counting on a bad VPN server reduces the actual connection speed.

Check or restart your router

Check the integrity of the router, verify that the cables are in good condition or reboot the router. If you have an older router, it would be a good idea to replace it with a more modern, high-spec router.

Airplane mode

Although putting your phone in airplane mode blocks the mobile data network, you can play it over wifi and avoid the other apps running in the background.

Reduce graphics options and clear cache

Within the same game, you can reduce the graphics to bring it to an acceptable capacity for your mobile.

Another very reliable option is to clear cache, delete files that accumulate speed up the loading of the application.


We hope that all our tips have helped you to improve the gameplay with your Free Fire character. If you apply any of them you can forget about having a too high ping.

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